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Successful Online Learning


Online student success requires both student success skills and technical skills specific to the online learning environment.  It is the combination of these skills that will make you a successful online student.  Are you considering pursuing your education online and wondering if you would be a good online student?

Successful Online Students:

Are willing to actively participate in their learning experience
An online student must assume an active role as well as accept the added level of student responsibility required to succeed in a distance education course. Online students must also feel comfortable contacting their instructors or others for assistance when necessary.

Are comfortable communicating through writing
A great deal of communication in the online classroom occurs through reading and writing, it is important that online students have solid reading and writing skills.

Are self-motivated and self–disciplined
While online classes provide students with the convenience and flexibility to attend college from almost anywhere, there is an added level of student responsibility to maintain the pace of the course work and to complete assignments on time.

Are able to commit the time to an online class
It is important that students enrolling in online courses recognize that these courses require an equivalent amount of time, study, reading and assignment completion as traditional courses. Online students need to be prepared to commit this amount of time to each course. It is also important that an online student has a quiet place to “attend class.” The learning space should be comfortable, with room enough to write, use the computer, and to store materials needed for the course.

Possess the necessary technical access and skills
It is essential that an online student already has the skills to navigate the Internet, as well understands basic computing applications, email functions, and word processing.

‣ Online students must have reliable computer services
Consistent and convenient access allows you to stay connected to your online course, instructor, and classmates. This will help you to stay active in the course and not fall behind the course schedule.

‣ Online students need to be comfortable using a computer
Online students should have a rudimentary understanding of computers and Internet-based systems, such as using email and word processing, opening and saving files, using web browsing applications, and other new technologies.

‣ Online students must have basic computer operating and maintenance skills
They should be able to download, install, and update software from the Internet and other devices, because many online courses have supplemental application requirements.

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