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Blackboard Technical Alerts

Blackboard Technical Alerts

This page is for listing current Technical Alerts relating to known issues with Blackboard. Please refer back to this page for updates to these issues and to see if new alerts have been posted.

Slow Scrolling and Delays during Timed Tests with Essay Questions. Some users report slow scrolling behavior and delays when typing essay answers into text boxes during an exam. Disabling the Visual Text Box Editor eliminates the delay and slow scrolling behavior. The Visual Text Box Editor must be disabled before the test is loaded.

To Turn off the Visual Text Box Editor:

1. Log into Blackboard and enter your course

2. Click on “Course Tools”

3. Click on “Personal Information”

4. Click “Set Visual Text Box Editor Options”

5. Set to “Unavailable” and click “Submit”

File Naming issue:
When loading files to blackboard there are issues with the characters used as well as the length of the names of files loaded.  It is recommended that no more than 10 characters be used in a name and do not use any non-alphanumeric characters with the exception of the underscore.

An example would be abc_123.doc

Text Box Access:
When you open a page that contains a text box with advanced typing tools, such as font, formatting and other tools, a pop-up message, similar to the images below, will appear. If you receive these pop-up windows please select run or trust depending on your machine.  Selecting run or trust on these message windows will allow you to type in the text boxes as normal.

For Windows:


For Mac OS:



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