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Welcome to LLCC Online!

Are you looking to further your education or career, but have limits on your time or ability to travel?

Online learning at Lincoln Land Community College can help you achieve your education and career goals while still allowing you to maintain your work and family life. When considering your online education options, it is important to remember that LLCC is part of your community, we are local accessible, affordable, and focused on helping you succeed.    

"I absolutely love every minute of online classes. Now that I travel 2-3 days a week for work I definitely couldn't attend class on campus. Taking online classes gives me so much flexibility for times to work on homework."

~ Tara West, full-time clinical research associate, LLCC online student


Why LLCC Online?

LLCC has a strong history of offering quality online education and because of this the college has been specifically accredited for offering online courses and approved for a variety of online degrees and certificates by the Higher Learning Commission, LLCC’s accrediting body. The complete list of these degrees and certificates can be found online at the Online Degrees & Certificates page.

New online courses are added regularly to continue to support and grow the LLCC online program and to provide our students with even more online learning opportunities. Additionally, online courses at LLCC transfer to other colleges and universities just as our traditional LLCC courses.

Another significant advantage of taking online courses from LLCC is the local connection to you and your community. LLCC online students receive all of the benefits and flexibility of attending college online, but also receive the significant advantages of learning from their local community college with all the support services provided to all LLCC students.

At LLCC online students have many options for degree or certificate completion. While many of our students choose to complete their education entirely online, many more create customized schedules utilizing a mixture of both online and face-to-face courses. These face-to-face courses can be taken on our main campus in Springfield or at one of our Educational Service Area facilities. By taking a blend of online courses and traditional face-to-face courses, many students are able to complete their educational goals in a manner that best suits their busy lives. 

Online courses at LLCC provide students with a flexible and dynamic learning environment that is convenient to them, while maintaining the high quality of instruction that LLCC is known for. Our own faculty members teach LLCC online courses. They are local and accessible; they are a part of the LLCC college community and are here for you. 

Jason Dockter, Professor of English“I love the challenge of engaging online students with the content of the course. I strive to create a relaxed learning environment that happens to be online, but accomplishes the same goals as a face-to-face class would; I get to figure out the best means of making that happen with a variety of technologies.” 

~ Jason Dockter, Professor of English 


Already Enrolled in an Online Course?

Our “Getting Started” site will provide you with the necessary information to begin your online course. It is recommended that you review the materials on this site and the sites linked from this page before you begin your online learning experience.

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