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Hands-on training for those who prefer “learning by doing”

Categories: News | Author: Lynn Whalen | Posted: 8/4/2014 | Views: 608
David Green, dean of business and technologies

Many times in my role as dean of business and technologies at Lincoln Land Community College, people tell me that either they, or their children, do not excel at academics. They believe they would be more suited to learning that is “hands-on.”

The connotation of “hands-on” does not mean a student is academically challenged.  When I hear the “hands-on” statement, it really means that student can learn better by “doing.”  Most of the programs in the business and technologies department fit this type of hands-on learning.  Students develop academic and discipline-specific skills by actually doing those skills. 

LLCC offers more choices for the hands-on student than any other educational institution in the area, at an affordable price. Those choices include training in so-called “dirty jobs,” including agriculture; air conditioning, refrigeration and heating; airframe and power plant mechanics; architecture and construction technology; auto body repair; automotive technology; aviation management; building maintenance (construction occupations); commercial electrical maintenance; landscape and turf management; electrical distribution lineman; and welding.  

Are you or your child interested in computers? We offer programs in computer aided drafting, computer applications, computer design, computer networking, computer office systems, computer programming, computer science and computer technical. Another popular hands-on program, for students interested in food preparation and service, is culinary and hospitality management.  We also offer business and accounting, fields that aren’t normally thought of as “hands-on” but that have hands-on components.

We have hands-on labs in all of these subjects that replicate what students will encounter when they seek out employment in their discipline. Culinary students learn in state-of-the-art cooking, baking and prep labs attached to a real restaurant (Bistro Verde). Our automotive labs resemble an actual automotive dealership, our computer labs feature the latest in technology, our aviation, construction and welding labs contain equipment students will use in those industries.

You may be wondering, why are there so many different programs in the business and technologies area?  These programs reflect the job opportunities available in the LLCC district as well as the state and nation. We consult regularly with advisors from business and industry to make sure we are staying current in what we teach and the skills necessary for our students to be successful.

If you too have ever stated that you or your child learn better by “doing,” check out the many business and technologies programs available at LLCC. Visit, or call me at 217.786.2406. 


David Green is dean of business and technologies at Lincoln Land Community College.



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