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Welcome to Lincoln Land Community College’s (LLCC) Dashboards. 

The LLCC Strategic Planning and Key Performance Indicators Dashboard have been developed for the College and its many stakeholders to monitor and provide input on the progress of the College’s strategic plan annually. As with many higher education accountability activities, many institutions struggle with the best way to represent the data that is easy to use for its many internal and external stakeholders. LLCC’s Dashboard includes dials, gauges, charts and pictorial representations that afford stakeholders an opportunity to visually observe the College’s progress in meeting its goals while measuring the success of its planning efforts. 

LLCC Dashboard

LLCC’s Dashboard includes many key performance indicators for each of its six goals: Student Access & Success, Diversity & Cultural Competency, Economic Responsiveness, Community Engagement, Financial Strength and Operational Strength. Each indicator is measured and target values were assigned using an “tachometer-like” feature. The target values were determined by an analysis of the College’s historical data for each indicator and, where applicable, benchmarking data was available. The speedometer values are color-coded to display the overall health of each indicator identified. The color codes are: 

Green-meeting or exceeding expectations

Yellow-special attention is needed

Red-improvement in this area is needed

NOTE:  Each color code - red, yellow and green - represents a range of numbers, percentages, averages, etc., identified by Cabinet.  The Office of Institutional Research applied mathematical equations to weighted performance indicator data to calculate an overall score.  In turn, the score was assigned to each range as to whether it was red, yellow or green.  These ranges are identified on each dashboard dial by allowing your mouse to hover over the title.

Developing LLCC’s Strategic Plan Dashboard


How LLCC’s Planning Dashboard Compares to Other Performance Tools

Under the direction of LLCC's Board of Trustees, the Cabinet began the development of its Strategic Plan and Key Performance Indicators Dashboard in the summer of 2009, using scorecards of performance indicators. The Cabinet and research staff worked with others from inside the College to develop the measures, weighted averages of each indicator, the target values and other content that is visual in this Dashboard.

In the fall of 2009, the LLCC Cabinet directed the Office of Planning and Institutional Improvement and the Office of Information Technology to develop an online reporting tool that would be easy to use and available to the public. At the same time, the Offices of Institutional Research and Information Technology were installing and beginning the implementation of a data warehousing software tool. 

LLCC has used both the data warehousing and dashboard software tools to create its dashboards.  The first dashboard developed, the Strategic Planning and Performance Indicators Dashboard, originated with several performance scorecards that were designed by the Cabinet, is extremely data intensive and illustrates a measure of the College's planning strategies. 

The Strategic Planning and Performance Indicators Dashboard provides an annual look into the College's strategic plan and provides a review of the successes and challenges of the College's planning efforts.

  LLCC’s Dashboard is a measure of the College’s strategic planning efforts at the institutional level. The Dashboard is a visual representation of other performance tools the College has used in the past to measure its strategic plan-the LLCC Fact Book, the ICCB Performance Reports, and various other data reports. While the Dashboard’s purpose is to promote continuous improvement and illustrate the College’s success with its strategic planning efforts it will also provide information to consumers. The Dashboard’s primary audience is the LLCC Board of Trustees, HLC-NCA, AQIP, College leaders and ICCB, though it is also available to the general public. The Dashboard provides context and trend information as it relates to the College’s strategic plan.   Besides reporting the measures, the Dashboard uses subjective standards (target values represented by color coded displays) to classify performance and assign a visual meaning to the data.
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