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Planning and Research
Operational Guidelines

Operational Guidelines

The Offices of Planning, Research and Improvement supports college decision making through the collection, analysis and dissemination of information. The office supports strategic planning, provides reporting solutions and institutional research service and support for administration, faculty, staff, students and the Board of Trustees.  
Data Requests and Reporting
Institutional Data, defined as all information, documents and other data, regardless of physical form or location, that is used, created, received, maintained or held by or on behalf of Lincoln Land Community College, is a valuable asset. It contains information regarding the college’s students, faculty, staff, and resources and will be safeguarded and protected. In order to protect this asset and ensure the sharing of it in an accurate and a consistent manner, Institutional Data, where appropriate, should be centralized in the Office of Institutional Research (IR). The following are guidelines for reporting and sharing Institutional Data. 
1.      IR is responsible for submitting state ICCB required data on LLCC's credit and non-credit enrollment, graduation, faculty and staff, facilities, apportionment, and other data requirements. State and federal mandated data submissions are of the highest priority to the department.
2.      IR will produce and maintain a college Fact Book containing the most requested official Institutional Data.  Departments/Units of the college are required to use the college’s official data posted in the LLCC Fact Book whenever Institutional Data is used. In the case needed data is not available in the Fact Book, requests for the data should be forwarded to the IR office. 
3.      All ad hoc requests are prioritized by the IR office and will be determined based upon consideration of the following criteria: requesting unit (with priority of response being the President), immediacy of need for the data/information, resources demanded by the request, complexity of the project and IR’s other active requests. Institutional Data will be made accessible to all authorized users and systems, as defined in institutional policies.
4.   Because of staffing issues, faculty/staff requests for institutional data/projects that do not contribute to college-related assessments or operations will not be fulfilled unless otherwise prioritized by senior college officials.
5.   In general, all data produced by IR will be in aggregate or summary form.   Record level data will be provided only when it is essential to the purpose for the request. Data requests that conflict with IR’s standards for confidentiality will be denied.
6.   Any research data rquests that are part of the annual planning cycle must be submitted to the Director of IR prior to submission to the Budget and Planning database (January 31).  Requests will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis.  In addition, any requests that require an in-depth or lengthy study may require justification prior to plan submission. 
  Standards for Data Confidentiality
Data which are held in strict confidence includes the following types:
·         Any data which can be personally-identified, whether student, faculty, or staff, must be considered confidential due to federal legislation and/or college policy; 
·         Any data on other colleges or universities provided through means other than public documents;
·         Information which has not been verified by an official source, data or information that has been identified as “for internal distribution only”, and data or information which has been released to IR under the veil of confidentiality.
Information that is accessible by the IR staff is to be used only for fulfilling the mandates and duties of the office, will not be inappropriately released either verbally or in written form to individuals outside the institution, and will be\disposed of properly if containing sensitive data such as social security numbers and salary information.
Employees will notify the Director of IR if breaches of confidentiality or security occur or if persons external to IR attempt to solicit information to which they should not have access.
Guidelines for Submitting Data Requests
The Office of Institutional Research maintains historical and institutional data. The type of data maintained and available resources impacts the ability of the office to complete ad hoc requests. Please keep the following in mind when submitting requests:
1. In general, the staff of Institutional Research maintains and can access historical student demographic and performance data beginning with fall 1999. 
 2. IR staff can extract current information from the Colleague Administrative Data System.
 3. Data requests must be made in advance and a clear purpose for the data should be provided. 
 4. Some requests may take up to a month to fulfill.
The Office of Institutional Research adheres to those guidelines established in the Code of Ethics established by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) which was adopted by its membership in 1992.
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