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• is ongoing (aka “standing”)

• has a defined mission and purpose

• operates under written guidelines; charter (if Robert’s Rules of order are not followed) or bylaws

• has a defined membership

• uses a specified method of selecting membership

• is able to identify and discuss issues and make recommendations that sustain and advance the mission / purpose of the institution to relevant administrator

• reports all activities regularly to the Shared Governance Council by supplying copies of all agendas, minutes and relevant reports and recommendations (via email).

Sub Team:

• falls under the team leadership and may be permanent or ad hoc.

• a subdivision of a team, established to handle particular issues or subject areas within the teams broader remit.

Constituency Group:

• one of the five groups, defined by employment category, (Administrative, Professional, Classified, Faculty and Student) who have recognition and representation within the governance structure.

Steering Team:

• a team which oversees the operations in a particular area.

• Fulfills executive functions within the remit of the particular area. i.e. AQIP, FoE

Ad Hoc Team:

• groups created for the purpose of completing a particular, finite task and which dissolve once this purpose is achieved.

Work Groups:

• a functional group created, operating under the relevant responsible administrator to manage an ongoing a task or tasks, the nature of which does not warrant the establishment of a team nor year-round meetings.

Non Voting Member:

• present in all discussions

• does not vote

• may request agenda items be placed on the agenda through team leader.

• they may provide input to the discussion, support the team’s efforts and may be one of the people to help move the recommendation of the team forward

• appointed by position or vice president, not elected.

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