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Academic & Admissions Standards Team

Academic & Admissions Standards Team

Team Name: Academic and Admissions Standards Team

Reports To: Vice President, Student Services and Vice President, Academic Services

Definition/Scope and Purpose: Guide, develop and maintain Academic and Admissions Standards

Team Function:  

Review and recommend college wide policies concerning academic and admission standards

  • academic probation/continued probation/suspension
  • advancement placement
  • attendance policies
  • final examinations
  • general education requirements
  • grading policies
  • graduation requirements
  • academic integrity
  • proficiency examinations
  • academic grievance and appeal procedure
  • withdrawal policies
  • admission to special programs
  • placement cut scores
  • calendar

Membership: 18 members

  • 10 Faculty (two from each department and at least one faculty member must be from the Assessment Team)
  • Chair-elected from faculty at large
  • AVP Enrollment Services
  • 2 Deans
  • 1 Learning Lab representative
  • Director Admissions and Records
  • Director Advising and Counseling
  • Academic Services Coordinator 
  • 1 Financial Aid representative
  • 1 Student

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