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Anthropology (ANT)

The study of Anthropology at LLCC provides students with a number of courses, which may be transferred and subsequently applied towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology or applied towards a baccalaureate degree in other areas.  LLCC anthropology courses focus on the cultural diversity of the human species, with an emphasis on non-western groups.  Each LLCC student may take up to twelve hours of anthropology coursework, including Introduction to Anthropology, Principles and Interpretations in Archaeology, Non-Western Cultures:  Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Preliterate Societies, and Special Topics in Anthropology.

LLCC grants the AA degree in Liberal Arts, which may include up to twelve hours in anthropology.

Students who plan to transfer to another institution to continue their study of anthropology should refer to the catalog of that institution for their degree requirements and consult with the transfer institution.

Before you register, preview the most recent syllabi for your courses.

Anthropology Faculty

Gary Swee
Office:  MNRD 2258


Anthropology Learning Outcomes

A student successfully completing a course in anthropology shall be able to:

  •  Explain the interrelationships among the social, cultural, and biological bases of human behavior.
  • Identify major anthropological concepts.
  • Identify various methods used in anthropological research.
  • Summarize the evolution of humans as biological organisms
  • Demonstrate a fundamental awareness of the existence of human prejudice and discrimination and anthropological alternatives which value the broad range of human behavior and adaptations.


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