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Criminal Justice Internships

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Internships (CRJ 275)

Students are assigned to a criminal justice agency for supervised exposure to the various aspects of the operation of a working criminal justice agency.  Students are required to work within agencies for over 300 hours during the term.  This course is required in the CRJ and LEA AAS programs.  This course may be waived by special permission of the internship coordinator, however, another course (or 6 months full-time prior work experience as a police officer or a corrections officer) will be substituted to meet the hours requirement for graduation.

Requires a sophomore status with GPA of 2.0 in CRJ (SCJ), LEA, or SLP courses; a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above; registration with the internship coordinator at least one semester prior to the semester enrolling.

Course Objectives:   Expose the student to the day to day workings of criminal justice agencies.  Assist the student in evaluation of this field as a profession.


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