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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education (ECE)

The Early Childhood Education Program is designed for students planning to complete a baccalaureate in programs such as Child Development, Family and Consumer Science and Child and Family Supports.  Students who complete this degree are interested in pursuing careers working with young children, ages 0-8 years and their families. Social service agencies, community based early childhood care and education facilities and family/community support specialists are options.

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Early Childhood Education Faculty

Danyle Watkins, Child Development


Adjunct Faculty 

Laurie Rhodes
Mary Ellen Monroe-White
Stephanie Neuman

Early Childhood Education Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of a degree in Early Childhood Education, a student shall be able to

  • describe Piaget, Erikson and Vygotsky's developmental theories and their relevance to learning
  • recognize and respect the individuality of children and their developmental needs.
  • observe and assess the needs of the children in their group using at least three types of systematic observation and adjust classroom needs accordingly.
  • assess the needs of families in their programs and design a parent involvement programming using the results.
  • dentify the various aspects of parenting issues, community supports and resources available.
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