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History (HIS)


The story and interpretation of human achievements and experiences is the subject of historical study.  History includes analysis of economic, social, and religious institutions, as well as literary, cultural, and intellectual movements.  This program provides lower-division preparation for students transferring to most senior institutions and is appropriate for students intending to obtain a bachelor’s degree in history.

Many history majors continue their education to become teachers in secondary or post-secondary education institutions. They teach students, grade papers and create lesson plans. Some history majors become librarians, assisting patrons in locating materials and researching topics of interest. Others find employment in museums, where they assist visitors by answering any questions they may have on the exhibits. In addition, the history program helps prepare students to succeed in any job which requires a solid, liberal-arts education.


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History Faculty


Aaron Berkowitz
Office: SGMN 1107
John Roberts
Office: SGMN 1107
Mark Roehrs
HIS Adjunct Coordinator
Office: SGMN 1110


Adjunct Faculty

Springfield Taylorville Litchfield Jacksonville Beardstown
William Roseberry John Crowe  Greg Matthews  John Clancy George Huseman
John Weck  Melvin White  
Dirk Yarker





 Cathy Jensen 


     Dual Credit Faculty

Brent Duggins


History Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the history program at LLCC, a student shall be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the major branches of history, including political, social, economic, military and intellectual history.
  • Critically examine various primary and secondary sources, such as historical documents, oral histories and textbooks, using proper historical methodology.
  • Compose historical arguments that make use of relevant historical evidence.
  • Describe the contributions of historical events to contemporary social and political developments.
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