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Psychology Club

Psychology Club




to create the opportunity

to give members experience

and expose them to knowledge

they would not be otherwise exposed to

in a normal curriculum.


Faculty Advisors                                                                                                   

Rebecca Miller-McGrath
Rebecca Miller-McGrath Natasha Trame   Roberta Wiediger
MNRD 2258 MNRD 2254  MNRD 2258
217.786.2393 217.786.4951 217.786.2394

President:  Amber Garrison
Vice-President:  Connor Homann
Treasurer:  Drew Bergschneider
Secretary:  Kassi Vandenberg


Psychology Club meetings are generally held  
at 2:00 pm  
twice every month on
the first Wednesday (in Menard 1168) and
the third Thursday (in Menard 1165)
Spring 2012

Feb. 1 & 16

March 14 & 22

Apr 4, 2:00 pm; Apr 9, 3:00 pm; & Apr 18, 1:00 pm << Changed

May 2

Psychology Career Links

 Occupational Outlook Handbook  2011:  A fantastic resource on job descriptions, likely availability and income as well as education/training needed. Updated every two years.


 Career Cruising Holland Site LLCC

username:   llcc5350

password:   springfield

Psychology Experiment Links



Cogweb at UCLA.  Many good connections to psychological research, particularly Evolutionary Psychology and Cognitive Science, as well as literary and artistic connections.


Psychology Web Links.  Excellent Psychology Web Links by Topic including some experiments online from U of I Champaign.


Harvard Online Psych Experiments


Online Psych Experiments U of Iowa; U of Mississippi; U of Edinburgh joint project   Great stuff! Award winning site. Need Authorware web player which is available to download on the site. 

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