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Early Alert


Early Alert

Lincoln Land Community College has a targeted support and intervention process called Early Alert.  It identifies students through faculty and staff referrals and provides customized services for those students early in the semester.  Participating faculty send alerts during at least two times in the semester.  Once after two weeks for students who may be experiencing attendance related difficulties and again at 6-8 weeks for students who have exhibited difficulty with academic performance.

Options to generate an Early Alert:

A staff member will contact the student, implement an intervention and respond to the person originating the referral for an update.

Students in Distress:

  • Faculty and staff with a student in distress, call the counseling hotline at 6-9660
  • For a list of community resources, see Career Development Services in Menard Hall.
  • In cases of extreme need, you may apply for an emergency loan. To apply for an emergency loan you will need to speak to a counselor in the Advising and Counseling office.
  • Showers, toiletries and limited food vouchers are also available for students who are displaced contact Career Development Services or Confidential Counseling for additional assistance.

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