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Staff Supporting Success

"It takes a village..." This saying has never been more true than with the retention and student success initiatives at Lincoln Land Community College.  Every effort to retain students and help them achieve their goals depends on cross departmental collaboration.  It is impossible for LLCC to make any impact on how well we retain students and help them complete their objectives unless we work together.  To this end, we have staff from all across the institution partnering to help students in their first year transition successfully and remain engaged, on task and connected in meaningful ways.  Access the Retention & Student Success Portal for project and work group content and remote Colleague access.

Student Survey Results

 Student Retention and Success Data

Enrollment Report

Blackboard Back-up Shell for NSO

click on the link above and then click on “New Student Orientation," then “login as an enrolled student."

Then enter the username: "llccsuccess" and the password: "llcc"


New Student Orientation Staff Sign-ups

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