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Admissions and Registration


All NEW degree or certificate seeking students MUST see an advisor and attend New Student Orientation before registering for classes! Your advisor will sign you up for an orientation during your advising session.

Students must be admitted to LLCC before registering. All outstanding debts (tuition, library, fees, etc) or other "holds" (suspension, academic problems, etc) must be cleared prior to registration.  Students are responsible for observing all course prerequisites and other restrictions when registering.  Check with an academic advisor to avoid mistakes!  Individuals with disabilities should contact the Accessibility Services at 217-786-2869.

All current students (students who attended all or part of the current semester) MUST register for classes online via WebAdvisor. The list of current students who are exempt from this requirement are: Aviation Mechanics majors, HVAC majors, Electrical Distribution Lineman majors, Welding majors at LLCC-Taylorville, Construction majors at LLCC-Taylorville, student athletes, students with special needs, and students on academic probation or suspension. For information or assistance, please call the Admission and Registration office on the main campus at 217-786-2292. Outside Springfield call 1-800-727-4161, ext. 6-2292. Or call any other LLCC location.

Returning students (students who attended LLCC in the past but have been gone for one semester or more) may register in person or by calling 786-2292.  Outside Springfield call 1-800-727-4161, ext. 6-2292TDD: 786-2798. During peak registration the phone line on the main campus experiences heavy usage. Phone registration is available only for students who have already been admitted. In person and phone registration is also available at all other LLCC locations.

New students who are seeking a degree or certificate must register online during New Student Orientation. See an advisor to sign up for orientation.

The Admission and Registration Office in Menard Hall, Springfield is open:

Regular Hours

  • 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.Monday through Thursday
  • 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday
  • Closed on Saturday and Sunday



  • All new degree and certificate seeking students must see an advisor and attend a New Student Orientation prior to registration

    Online Registration via WebAdvisor

    • To register for classes, you can click on the link “Register for Sections” under the heading labeled “Registration,” OR click on the link “Course Planning Worksheet” under the heading labeled “Academic Planning.”
    • Registering for courses using the Course Planning Worksheet works well for students in degrees with very specific requirements, like nursing for example. For students in most degrees and certificates though using the course planning worksheet is difficult.
    • We strongly recommend using “Register for Sections.” The step by step instructions are listed below.

    To register for classes, follow these steps:

    1. Be sure you have activated your LLCC email, Blackboard and WebAdvisor account. Your username and password for WebAdvisor are the same as those you use for Blackboard.
    2. If you haven’t activated your WebAdvisor/Blackboard account, go to, Current Students, Account Activation and follow the instructions.
    3. After your account is activated, log in toWebAdvisor
    4. Click on the “Students” picture. This takes you to the Students Menu.
    5. Find the Registration heading and click on “Register for Sections."
    6. On the next page, click on “Express Registration” or “Search and Register for Sections.” If you know exactly which classes you want and have the subject, course number, and section number, use Express registration.  You do NOT need to know the course synonym to use "Express registration." If you need to search for classes and then register, use "Search and register for sections."
    7. When using Search and Register for Sections, leave the “course level” field blank.
      TIP: When searching for classes, note that LLCC also has short terms/modules within the main semester. If you don’t find what you need in Fall 2012 Semester, try Module 1 Fall 2012, Module 2 Fall 2012 or Fall 2012 Short Semester. Most of our developmental math courses can be found in Modules. Module courses meet for 8 weeks.
    8. Be sure to review the messages at the top of each WebAdvisor page.
    9. Once you select classes (using either Express or Search and Register) and click submit the next page you will see is “Register and Drop Sections.” On this page, the classes you selected will appear in a “preferred sections” list. You are not registered for classes on this list. This list is like a shopping cart.
    10. Click “RG-Register” under “Action” for each class and then click submit.
    11. Your classes will now be listed under the heading labeled “Current Registrations.” At this point, you are registered and no one else can take your seat in the class. You are also now responsible for tuition charges and for dropping or withdrawing from classes as necessary!
    12. If you are registering for developmental math classes (like MAT 081, 082, 088, etc.), register for the first level (MAT 081) and then go back and register for the second level (MAT 082). This is necessary because MAT 081 is a prerequisite to MAT 082. You will need to look in the Modules to find most developmental math classes.
    13. Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email in your LLCC email account. If you do not receive this message, you are not registered.
    14. Check your tuition charges by going to the Financial Information heading and clicking on Account Summary. If you have no charges listed, your registration is not complete.
    15. To view your class schedule, go to “Academic Profile,” click on “My Class Schedule,” and choose the appropriate term. If your classes do not appear, then you are not registered. You can also print your schedule from this screen. You will need to print a separate schedule for any Module or Short Semester classes.

    We are here to help! If you need help with online registration, contact the Admission and Registration office at 217-786-2292 on the main campus. Or contact any of our other LLCC locations.

    Notice: In response to changes in federal guidelines, students who wish to enroll in all online courses at LLCC must be permanent residents of Illinois. Students who reside outside Illinois may contact the LLCC Admission and Registration office at 217-786-2292 for more information.

    Off Campus Registration

    If you choose to register at one of our other LLCC locations, the requirements and restrictions are the same as for on-campus registration. Check with the LLCC location nearest you for information about hours of operation.

    Course Drops and Withdrawals

    If you drop a course during the tuition refund period for any semester or module, you will receive a full refund of tuition and fees. Drops during this time period can be completed on WebAdvisor or by calling or visiting the registration services office on the main campus or any other LLCC location. After the tuition refund period has passed, you will receive no refund of tution or fees. For the tuition refund dates, go to the tuition and fees page. Lack of attendance in a course (es) does not constitute an official drop. Students must either drop using WebAdvisor or drop by contacting registration personnel at the main campus or any other LLCC location.

    Dropping a course after the tuition refund dates for any semester or module is called a "withdrawal." If you withdraw from a course during the withdrawal period,  you will receive a "W" on your transcript and will be expected to pay all tuition and fees. Course withdrawals can't be completed using WebAdvisor. To withdraw from a course, you must contact the Admission and Registration office on the main campus or any other LLCC location and request an official withdrawal. Withdrawals can be requested by phone. Final withdrawal dates are:

    Fall 2014

    Regular Fall 2014 Semester - December 5

    Fall 2014 Module 1 - October 3

    Fall 2014 Short Semester - December 5

    Fall 2014 Module 2 - December 5

    After these dates, you cannot request a withdrawal and will receive the appropriate grade from your professor.

    Lack of attendance in a course (es) does NOT constitute an official withdrawal! You are responsible for requesting an official withdrawal.

    Tuition Payment

    If you register early, you must pay your tuition and fees by that term's deadline.  Consult your LLCC bill for specific information.  This will reserve your place in your classes.  If you have registered early and the college has not received your payment of tuition and fees by the specified date, your registration may be cancelled for all classes.  You will then need to register again with payment due at the time of re-registration. After the tuition due date for each term has passed, tuition and fees must be paid (or have financial aid, scholarship, payment plan) at the time of registration. During this time period, we do not mail bills. You are responsible for checking your charges on WebAdvisor and making appropriate payment arrangements.  Students who do not make payment arrangements immediately will be dropped from classes the next morning. For more information, call 217-786-2292.

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