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Mission, Vision and Goals


The mission of Lincoln Land Community College is to provide district residents with quality educational programs and services that are accessible, affordable and responsive to individual and community needs.


Lincoln Land Community College aspires to be a diverse, learner-centered institution that is a recognized leader, anticipating and responding to academic, economic and cultural needs of the community and assisting individuals to realize lifelong educational goals and reach their full potential.



We will promote an environment in which we acknowledge everyone in our college community by listening, respecting others’ opinions and seeking solutions to the challenges before us. We will strive to be kind, compassionate and empathetic in our interactions with others and recognize the inherent dignity and worth of individuals.


We will value participatory decision-making and the ability to work with others. We will promote inclusiveness, respect and support amongst the membership of the college community.


We will celebrate individuals’ talents and experiences that enrich individual lives and improve the college’s curricular and extra-curricular offerings. We will respect the differences among people, cultures and ideas and incorporate multiple perspectives into our decision-making and educational processes.


We will value, recognize and support new ideas and original thinking. We will be aware of the changes taking place in the global marketplace in order to assess and adapt to evolving expectations.


We will be ethical, trustworthy, truthful and fair in all that we do. We will be fiscally and programmatically accountable to the college community and its constituencies. We will assess and report accurate results both internally and externally.


We will promote a learner-centered environment to foster innovation, critical thinking, open inquiry and lifelong learning that is accessible and affordable.


We will strive to meet the needs of our campus and community in ways that will not damage or deplete natural resources and will strive to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Goal 1: Student Access and Success
  • LLCC will promote academic access and success as well as personal development for all its students.
    • Preserving access for all students
    • Increased focus on student success
    • Establishing clear educational pathways
    • Enhancing quality programs
    • Narrowing the achievement gap
    • Initiatives addressing the Common Core Standards
Goal 2: Financial Strength
  • LLCC is committed to fiscal responsibility and stewardship.
    • Collaborating with business and community leaders to identify additional resources to support college programming
    • Conducting activities which promote programmatic accountability
    • Introducing initiatives to secure and direct funding to established priorities
Goal 3: Economic Responsiveness
  • LLCC will provide leadership in meeting the economic needs of the community.
    • Forming collaborative partnerships with business and community leaders to encourage economic growth
    • Focusing on narrowing the skills gap in the workforce
    • Developing alternative methods for delivering credentialed programming
Goal 4: Community Engagement
  • LLCC will provide leadership in meeting the learning, cultural, and social and recreational needs of the community.
    • Forming collaborative partnerships with business and community leaders to provide opportunities for learning, cultural, and social and recreational needs of the community.
    • Strengthening partnerships with K-12 to promote student’s college success skills
Goal 5: Diversity and Cultural Competency
  • LLCC shall strengthen cultural competency relative to a diverse and global society among faculty, staff and students.
    • Advancing knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews
    • Increasing awareness of one's own cultural worldview
    • Fostering understanding toward cultural differences
    • Enhancing cross-cultural skills
Goal 6: Operational Strength
  • LLCC will develop a work environment that promotes growth development and open communication.
    • Offering professional development opportunities
    • Providing activities that support a culture of evidence
    • Enhancing technologies that support learning analytics

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