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Degrees and Certificates

Degrees and Certificates

Lincoln Land Community College offers three types of degrees:

  1. Transfer
  2. Vocational-technical
  3. General purpose

Lincoln Land Community College offers two types of certificates:

  1. Certificate of Achievement
  2. Certificate of Completion


Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students who complete a program requiring 30 or more semester hours of credit.

Certificate of Completion

The Certificate of Completion is awarded to students who complete a program requiring fewer than 30 semester hours of credit.

Transfer Degrees

Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) Compatible Degrees

Associate in Arts; Associate in Science; Associate in Art in Teaching

Lincoln Land Community College is a participant in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), a statewide agreement that allows transfer of the completed Illinois General Education Core Curriculum between participating institutions.  Completion of the General Education Core Curriculum at any participating college or university in Illinois assures transferring students that lower-division general education requirements for an associate or bachelor's degree have been satisfied.  This agreement is in effect for students entering an associate or baccalaureate degree-granting institution as a first-time freshman in summer 1998 (and thereafter).  See an academic advisor for additional information.

Other Transferable Degrees

Associate in Engineering Science; Associate in Fine Arts

Designed specifically for students majoring in engineering, art or music, these degrees parallel the coursework which students attending universities in these programs typically experience during their first two years of study.  They contain some general education coursework, but are weighted more heavily toward coursework required for certain majors.  Although students earning these degrees do not experience the benefits of meeting the IAI General Education Core Curriculum, they should have little difficulty transferring in the same major to a four-year institution.  Students may need to complete the general education requirements of the school to which they transfer.

Vocational-technical Degree

Associate in Applied Science

The Associate in Applied Science degree is awarded to those students completing one of the vocational-technical programs.

General Purpose Degree

Associate in General Education

The Associate in General Education is not a transfer degree.  It is intended for those students who wish to earn an associate degree with no specific major or pattern of courses.

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