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Shared Governance Council Purpose

Purpose: The purpose of the SGC is:

A.    to facilitate the shared governance process at the institution.

1.    to receive, consider and respond to issues brought for consideration as shared governance issues;

2.    to refer issues to appropriate committees, administrative offices or task forces for consideration and to establish guidelines for the process;

3.    to communicate results to the institution.

B.    to review, oversee, and make recommendations regarding all issues related to committee structure, membership, by-laws, nominations and elections, and reporting.

1.    to identify the committees of the college;

2.    to define the reporting and organizational relationship of college committees;

3.    to facilitate the constituting of committees by the nomination/election process or appointment;

4.    to serve as a repository for college committee information including leadership, membership, bylaws/guidelines, and other relevant committee information.


Contact Rose Raikes at or 786.2218.
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