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Lync FAQs

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Right click on the Group Name and then left click on the appropriate action: Send an Instant Message, Start a Video Call, Send an Email or Schedule a Meeting.

You can perform a file transfer by dragging a file into an existing chat window or by clicking the paperclip icon and selecting a file.

After connecting via Instant Message with another Lync user, click on the Share drop down arrow and select either your Desktop, Program or PowerPoint Presentation for viewing. 

Right click on your contact and then hover your mouse over Copy Contact To and then select the Group name. You can also click and drag contacts to other groups.

If you are an employee and would like to add your photo to your emails and Lync, send the photo to If you need a photo taken, stop by Public Relations and Marketing in Menard Hall, Room 1266 between 8am and 5pm weekdays. Note: your photo does not appear in emails that are sent outside the LLCC system.

After adding contacts, right click on either the Frequent Contacts or All Contacts heading and then left click on Create New Group. Type in the name of your group and then enter on your keyboard.

Point to a person’s picture and then when the contact card opens, click the IM button. Or, double click on the person in your contact listing.

Option 1: Double click on the contact you wish to connect with. IM will automatically be selected.  To change to a Video Call, click the drop down arrow next to Video and then click on Add Video. (You must have a web camera and microphone to do this)

Option 2:  Hover your mouse over the contact’s name and then click on the Lync Call icon. This will automatically start a voice call with Lync. Once you have been connected with your contact, they will need to Start Video.

In the "Find a Contact" box (below your photo, name, location and presence) type in the person’s name that you wish to connect with.

Once the person’s name appears that you are searching for, hover your mouse over their contact information. Click on the "+" to add to the Contacts listing.

You can click on the drop down arrow to the right of the + to add to a specific Group or create a New Group to add the contact to.

Click the presence status (directly below your name) and select one of the options: Available, Busy, Do Not Disturb, Be Right Back, Off Work, Appear Away, Out of Office and Offline.

In the window for video, you will need to click on the link that says Start my Video. Your picture will appear in the lower right corner of the window and the person you are communicating with will appear in the larger window.

Currently Lync is only available to faculty and staff, from computers located on LLCC's network.

No, currently there is no archiving of Lync conversations.  Closing out the conversation window will result in losing the contents of the conversation.

System Status

There are no current network or telephone problems or outages.