Account Activation 1

Activating your account is easy!

  1. Enter your last name, Social Security Number, and your LLCC ID number which is located on your class schedule or your bill.  If you do not know or have access to your LLCC ID number it can be obtained from Registration with a state issued photo identification card.  We cannot give this information out by telephone or email.
  2. Click on submit
  3. You must select your LLCC email account.
  4. Your temporary username and password will be displayed.  Make a note of this information for future use (you will need it for the next step).  Click OK
  5. Click on the logon link and enter the username and temporary password.  After you have successfully logged into WebAdvisor, you will need to change your password.  Click on the Change Password link and follow the steps.

Account Activation for Students

Please take a few moments to watch our Account Activation video below:

Errors Activating your Account:

  • Please verify that you have entered your information correctly:  Last name only, Social Security Number (no dashes or spaces) and your 7-digit LLCC ID number (ex. 0123456).
  • If you receive the error message that you 'cannot be uniquely identified', please contact Admissions and Records to very your personal information and make any corrections.  Please wait approximately 30 minutes after corrections have been made to your account before you attempt to activate your account again.
  • If you receive the error message that 'no email account is on file', you cannot activate your account until you have registered for your first semester with a Registration Services Representative.  If you are a returning student and receive this error message, you must register in person before your account is available for activation.
  • For any other errors, please contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance at 217.786.2555 or  Do not send your Social Security Number to us by email!

System Status

There are no current network or telephone problems or outages.