Account Activation

Activating your account is easy!

  1. Enter your last name, Social Security Number, and your LLCC ID number.  If you are faculty, adjunct, or an employee of LLCC, your ID number can be obtained from Human Resources or Registration with a state issued photo identification card.
  2. Click on submit
  3. You must select your LLCC email account.
  4. Your temporary username and password will be displayed.  Make a note of this information for future use (you will need it for the next step).  Click OK
  5. Click on the logon link and enter the username and temporary password.  After you have successfully logged into WebAdvisor, you will need to change your password.  Click on the Change Password link and follow the steps.

Account Activation for Faculty 

If you receive the error message that your identity cannot be verified, please confirm that you do not have Caps Lock turned on and that there are no typos in the information that you have typed in. If this does not work, please contact Human Resources at 217.786.2259 to confirm that the right information is in our systems. 

Please remember that Information and Telecommunication Systems will never ask for your password or social security number. To protect your information, do not email your password or social security number. If you have any additional questions, please call the Help Desk at 217.786.2555 or email your inquiry to For the security of your personal information, ITS does not keep a record your password nor can we reset it for you.

Technical Support

User and email accounts are supported by the ITS Help Desk.  If you h ave a question about your account or if you are experiencing a technical problem, please contact the ITS Help Desk or call 217.296.5571.  

System Status

There are no current network or telephone problems or outages.