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LLCC Theatre : The heart of the community

Theatre Department - weapon practice

Mission: LLCC’s theatre program’s mission is to embrace and engage its community through curriculum and programs that advance theatre, arts, and the community of theatre artists. The theatre program provides space, resources, and encouragement to an array of activities that serve the needs of the college, and the community in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

Vision: LLCC’s theatre program is envisioned as the hub of activity and engagement both for the college and the broader Springfield region in the celebration of humanity and cultivation of excellence as expressed in the visual and performing arts.

Values: LLCC’s theatre program values the expression of arts in all forms and the cultivation of arts and arts appreciation. The program embraces diverse and divergent world views while championing humanity in its complexity: its weaknesses and strengths, its failings and its successes.

Artistic Mission: Bring to light the work of those who have charted new intellectual topography.

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