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Transportation Distribution Logistics (TDL)

 Transportation Distribution Logistics (TDL)

LLCC is working in partnership with Land of Lincoln Workforce Alliance and the Illinois workNet Center to serve dislocated workers who have been unemployed for 26 weeks or longer. 

This is a comprehensive training program that includes Truck Driver Training (CDL licensure with Hazmat endorsement) and two (2) Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC) certifications in Logistics and Warehouse Distribution.  The program combines supportive services and training components to increase student success throughout the program.

CDL license with Hazmat endorsement
The Truck Driver Training program assists students in obtaining licensure in a 4-week – 5 week period.  This quick turn-around provides for enrollees to have a career with good wages, benefits and with a choice of local and over-the road positions.  This industry provides above average employment opportunities; the projected growth for the industry for 2010 – 2020 is 20 - 28%.   

To enhance the competency of students in the area of supply chain logistics of the workforce, students will receive two MSSC certifications aligned with its standards.  These national certifications will offer students with the following skills.

CLA Course (Foundational Level)
The course provides students with the foundational broad knowledge they will need to understand the world of supply chain and related core competencies. The course includes modules on: the global supply chain, the logistics environment, safety, safe equipment operation, material handling equipment, quality control, workplace communication, teamwork and problem solving and using computers.        

CLT Course (Mid-level Technical) 
This course provides students with the mid-level technical knowledge needed to understand the world of supply chain logistics and related core competencies.. This course includes: product receiving, product storage, order processing, packaging and shipment, inventory control, safe handling of hazardous materials, evaluation of transportation modes, customs, and dispatch and tracking operations.

This dual training gives students the foundational understanding of transportation and logistical methods, allows them to move in several directions on the career pathway, and provides skills to directly supervise and coordinate activities of transportation, material-moving machine vehicle, vehicle operators and helpers.

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Bob Howard, Director
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