Build your career

How would you like to have the opportunity to complete your education while obtaining on-the-job training, earning a salary and, most importantly, having a direct path to a job after you complete your degree?

An apprenticeship gives students the unique opportunity to learn in the classroom and on the job simultaneously, gaining important professional skills and real-world experience while still enrolled in college. You’ll get an inside look at what life is really like in a certain industry or at a specific company and earn a living wage all before you finish college!

Explore career possibilities

Let’s face it: It’s hard to know what your future career will truly be like if the only experience you have is inside the classroom. An apprenticeship grants you firsthand insight into how a company operates and what your day would be like with a particular employer.

Get a quality education

Because your employer helps determine the curriculum and provides you with career guidance, participating in an apprenticeship gives you an advantage over other job seekers. You’ll come to understand the exact technical, interpersonal and communication skills required to succeed in your chosen professional environment.

Become career-ready

Apprenticeships give students the unique opportunity to acquire work experience and expand their professional networks before they even graduate from college. The skills you acquire and the people you meet will influence your career long after you finish your education.


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