Build your workforce

We’re looking for companies to partner with us to help build their talent to get the right kind of employees who will stay local and stay loyal!

How do apprenticeships benefit the employer?

Apprenticeship programs offer employers the opportunity to strengthen and build their workforce by providing a tailored high-quality talent pipeline. This results in a well-trained employee who thrives in their environment, culture and job.

Many available workers are lacking the right skills to fill open positions. Apprenticeships help to close these skill gaps by helping individuals reskill or make a mid-career switch.

Apprenticeships help put entry-level employees on a career path. They are also effective for incumbent workers — the loyal employees you already have who would like nothing better than to obtain the needed skills to progress in their career and stay where they are!


If you would like to work with us to create an apprenticeship program that will produce employees to fill an existing gap in your workforce, please contact Brenda Elliott, director of work-based learning, at