In-Person Black Rocket Technology Camps

For ages 8-14

LLCC’s College for Kids is partnering with a nationally known leader in tech education, Black Rocket, to present in-person and virtual STEAM camps. Every student is empowered to be creative and bring their ideas to life from concept to creation in a fun, hands-on learning environment that mirrors real-life experiences and the collaborative nature of the design process.

Monday-Thursday on the LLCC Springfield campus
9 a.m.-noon or 1:30-4:40 p.m.
$149 per class


Fans of Fortnite® — we need you! Instead of playing the game, design your own. Using a professional 3D game development software, build levels and assets inspired by popular battle royale games like Fortnite®. Students can participate in esports league matches against other schools across the country with a chance to have their levels featured in the Black Rocket master build of the game! This course includes cartoonish action and battle sequences.

Whether you want to be the next pro gamer, streamer or gamecaster, this course will teach you the basics to get started! No longer just a hobby, esports is the fastest-growing career for the next generation. Over 400 million people watched YouTube videos and Twitch streams of video game competitions this year alone! In this course, students will develop game-play skills and compete using Black Rocket’s esports games and apps, learn how to produce commentary for live tournaments, use professional streaming software and most importantly practice online safety. 

Become an inventor of the future! Learn "rapid prototyping" and problem solving as you conceptualize and design a product to solve a critical global issue. Each day begins with inspirational profiles of young inventors, such as the eleven-year-old who coded a robot to find victims of natural disasters. Next, research a problem to tackle in medicine, architecture, the environment or a topic of your choosing. Once your vision is complete, learn how to draft 2D designs, create 3D models and develop a website to pitch your ideas to the class. 

Learn programming tools so powerful they seem like magic! Start off by learning an array of core programming concepts with JavaScript by experimenting in a series of digital challenges. Start with programming your first animated memes, then tackle more advanced skills such as interactive 3D experiences and game creation.

Create the next popular animated Minecraft® video on YouTube! Practice the same skills professionals at Pixar and Disney Animation Studios use. Discover the process of keyframing and tweening, how to use it to bring your own animated stories to life and how to publish your content on YouTube. Mac users can play their project at home but will not be able to edit the project without a PC. Returning students can create more advanced projects that build on previous years. 

Take the next step beyond simply “playing” Minecraft® and become a true Redstone engineer. Expand your Redstone knowledge by constructing your own carnival with a variety of mini-games, roller coasters and attractions powered by Redstone. Learn how to use Command and Structure blocks to incorporate them into your builds. Activate your skills, and take your Minecraft® structures to the next level! Students must own a Java version of Minecraft® to take this class. Tablet, phone and game console versions of Minecraft are not compatible. 

Find your voice, and leave your mark on the world! Whether you are six or 16, it’s time to start a career as the next YouTube® star. Explore the variety of content and personalities that exist on YouTube® and how to find your own niche. Learn the dos and don’ts of the platform and how to practice good digital citizenship. Develop your on-camera presence, your own channel branding and professional editing skills. Take home a plan for launching your own channel with the content created in class!