Virtual College for Kids Camps

For students grades K-8 (as indicated)

You may register for as many classes as you would like.
Access to virtual content: July 7 through Sept. 1 

Virtual camp fee options:

  • $29 for video content, supply list, pdfs 
  • $49 for video content and kit package containing all supplies, printed handouts 
  • $20 per each additional single kit
  • $100 for Class Crew kit: Includes video content and five kits
  • $180 for Class Crew kit: Includes video content and 10 kits


Explore art, literacy and science in a rather unique way using simple subjects and everyday materials to create fun and exciting abstract art. Experiment with melting crayons, shaving cream paper design, salt water wet wash and more!

Making an artistic commotion is guaranteed when a wide variety of artistic styles, techniques and mediums come in to play. From zentangle, to pop and symmetry, to abstract expression, you will be amazed at what you can create in your own home art space!

Learn basic American Sign Language vocabulary, including letters, numbers and fun signs for food and animals, that can help you get started with your ASL conversations right away!

Learn more about our native Illinois birds as you dissect to discover, walkabout to observe and fly into fun with nature, art and other hands-on, bird themed activities!

Using a variety of fun watercolor techniques will add color to your world! Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions will help you build a solid foundation of skills and artistic development for future projects created on your own!

Engage with fun and colorfully textured materials in the magical world of collage. By using a variety of interesting art materials and learning unique techniques to apply texture, you will create your own Eric Carle inspired masterpieces!

Books, art, crafts, journaling and music are all included in this fun, social emotional journey. Learn about expressing emotions in creative, fun and healthy ways!

Read a variety of books from the Fancy Nancy series by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser. Explore and practice some fancy new vocabulary words as you create fancy and fun art that is inspired by each story!

Love all things furry and feathered, real or imagined? Learn hand building techniques, armature supports, lifelike textures and detail painting to help bring imagined (or real) favorite beasts to life – out of clay!

There is not much better than the amazing world of wild and mysterious animals, except making one yourself – out of clay! Learn hand building, supports, lifelike textures and detail painting to bring your imagined (or real!) beasts to life!

Did you know you have your own gnome name? Learn this and more gnome-y trivia and history of how the garden gnome came to be. Create holiday-themed gnome projects that can be treasured or given as gifts. Sign up quick – you gnome you want to!

Start your days off right as you learn about germs, body movement and strong hearts, and proper eating! Learn fun exercises for fitness, look at food labels, and even learn to make healthy snacks that are YUMMY, too!

This class is silly, fun and filled with art, crafts and other challenges! Listen to the stories by Laura Numeroff and follow up with hands-on activities that will keep you smiling!

Try painting or continue building upon your watercolor experience with a fun twist – just add ink! The details may be simple or more intricate in design, with endless possibility and flexibility to create one-of-a-kind artwork of ink and watercolor.

Have you ever wondered how to catch lightning in a jar? Or what it would be like to touch a meteor? Activities based on books by author Patricia Polocco will inspire you to do both – and more!

There is so much to see, both around us and within us! See the world’s beauty through the eyes of author Pete H. Reynolds and explore his books, art and other fun hands-on activities that bring out your own amazing self!

Explore features of different graphic novel styles and break down the steps to creating your own unique, visually rich story. Even if you can only draw stick figures, you CAN create a graphic novel!

No previous experience necessary – engage with science through hands-on activities that can be completed indoors or out! Learn how to properly set up fun experiments, evaluate the results and determine WHY each experiment works.    

Long ago voices are still heard today! Dive into projects centered around the lore of the Norse gods and how other key characters from their stories have influenced our culture over time.

Gear up for creative science fun in the garden! Learn about common garden helper species, build creature habitats and construct garden art for your backyard or as a gift for someone else who loves nature as much as you do!

This class will help you unleash your inner photographer with tips, tricks and projects all geared toward making cool photos out of everyday life!

“From there to here and here to there, funny things are everywhere…” including in this amazing S.T.E.M. class! Combining beloved Dr. Seuss books, simple supplies, experiments and activities will be hands-on fun from beginning to end.

Engage with science through easy-peasy (fun and messy!) activities. Learn how to properly set up hands-on experiments and then look at what happened to determine WHY each experiment works.

Explore your sense of smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight through a variety of creative hands-on projects such as scented glitter paint, slimes and more. Your 5 senses will be in high gear with this fun summery class!

Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do – learn tuneful tips to start your day off right, or ready yourself before a performance with body stretches and vocal warm-ups that are fun and healthy!

Learn new and unique, as well as tried and true, tuneful tips to start your day off right, or prepare yourself before a performance. Your body, heart and voice will LOVE these stretches and vocal warm-ups that are fun AND healthy!

Use a variety of watercolor techniques in a series of projects that will bring color and style to your canvas, your space and your world! Step-by-step instructions will help you to improve upon or build a new, solid foundation of skills and develop your artistic potential for future independent projects!

Whether you are interested in creative writing but nervous to try, or a great author working on your next novel, you will find tons of inspiration for trying your hand at short stories, poems and more in these activity-based creative writing lessons!

Join in the fun of learning to sing and play simple songs on the xylophone. Instruments are included in this melody singing, mallet bouncing, music making adventure!

Imagine training your voice to fill a whole theater with sound without using a microphone! In this class you will experience an amazing combination of music, story, dance and drama from the famous opera “Carmen” as you learn basic operatic singing, dancing and performance skills.