Virtual Summer Culinary

For ages 8 and up

2022 summer youth culinary

Access to virtual content: July 7-Sept. 1, 2022
You may register for as many classes as you would like!

Our online classes offer a full LLCC culinary experience to be completed in the comfort of your own home!

Classes are designed for ages 8 and older, however adult supervision may be required at your discretion.

The $29 fee includes the following:

  • Access to online LLCC demonstration/instructional video (Stop, rewind and replay as needed!)
  • Downloadable PDF of recipes or instructions
  • Downloadable shopping list of ingredients


Prepare two different pastries from one dough including one in the image of a swan! Skills taught in class include making pastry dough, piping techniques, baking, melting chocolate and assembly desserts. 

Make an “octopie” with a uniquely ocean-themed crust design! Skills taught in class include making pie dough, knife skills for preparing fruit filling and creating a decorative crust.

Create unique fruit salsa and several types of mini street tacos. Skills taught in class include knife safety, diced cuts and exploring various methods for preparing fillings. 

Prepare a classic lasagna from scratch with a summer twist. Skills taught in class include knife safety and vegetable cuts, sauteing, simmering, roasting, building and baking lasagna.

Mix, roll out and bake a batch of sugar cookies – then prepare royal icing to turn your baked goodness into mini galaxies! Skills taught in class include measuring, mixing, baking and decorating.

Create bread that looks just like a whole watermelon, inside and out! Skills taught in class include mixing and kneading bread dough, shaping, proofing and baking bread.