Automotive Technology Advisory Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2021, 5 p.m.

Meeting Place



Nancy Sweet


Members in Attendance

Nancy Sweet, Damon Tanke, Brian Earley, Chris Ford, Kevin Epley, Braden Brown, David Jett, Carolyn Johnson

Members Absent





1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Work Based Learning Opportunities
3. Recruitment Ideas
4. Help Wanted



Welcome and Introductions


Work Based Learning Opportunities

Discussed different types of work based learning and how it enhanced industry knowledge, career exploration, and networking opportunities for students.  One company has a curriculum developed for internships.  Working with CACC right now with several students who they hired FT.  Very interested in speaking, site visits, job shadowing, or internships.  Anyone interested in auto body?  Another company sponsoring a student for the summer from CACC and providing them a tool set, but non paid internship.  One company is interested in all parts of WBL.  Another company had students out for a field trip and member believes his company could participate in many areas and very interested in internships.  Discussed internships can be credit or noncredit.


Recruitment Ideas

Liked the Auto 101 idea for potential students, and some could be available to be a part of it.  They have used word of mouth to recruit in addition to typical online posting, but everyone struggling to find candidates who want to work.  Many should be available to be a part of Sept. 8th Career Fair.  Discussed how it's beneficial to have all partners in the call - K-12, LLCC and employers.  Working together can drive industry interest.


Help Wanted

Members will put the word out that LLCC needs daytime PT instructors.

Action Items