Business Advisory Meeting Minutes

Sept. 15, 2022, 11 a.m.


Members in attendance

Kalith Smith, Christie Hovey, Crystal Norris

Members absent





  1. Business program advisory committee formation spring 2023



Discussion regarding internal LLCC employees who should be invited to attend meetings and any outside business professionals who should be included. Christie Hovey discussed previous office professional advisory committee’s past meetings. Christie’s survey of the community she did which included and provided examples of needs of the business community at the time the survey was done. 

Timeline of events for future PAC meeting to occur annually in the future on a Thursday or Friday morning at Trutter Center.   

Discussion regarding possible future of marketing business program through PRM.

Discussion regarding the future of the LLCC business program, outside competition, services, programs for students, and what the local business communities need. 

  1. How do we keep the business program moving upward in the future?
  2. Future concepts of business department at LLCC such as methods, courses, marketing and ideas.
  3. Reach out to the local business community to find out what their needs are for employees.  
  4. Future goal to grow the business program at LLCC. 
  5. Discussion regarding dual credit being offered to high school students.