Diesel Technologies Advisory Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2022, 12 p.m.

Meeting Place

Kreher Agriculture Center, LLCC-Springfield


Jeff Gardner


Members in Attendance

Jenner Ag, Gateway Dealer, AED, Sloan Implement, Case IH, Altorfer Cat, Centre State International Truck, United Rental, Crown Life Trucks, Martin Equipment, JX Peterbilt, Rush Truck Centers, Sievers Equipment, City of Springfield, Roland Machinery, Truck Centers Inc., Altofer Ag.

Members Absent





  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Program overview
  3. Program needs
  4. Questions and answers


1. Welcome and introductions

Nancy Sweet, dean of Workforce Institute, opened meeting with a welcome to everyone and how she looked forward to future partnerships with many of the attendees who were present. She turned the floor over to Jeff Gardner, director of the LLCC diesel technologies program. Jeff welcomed everyone and gave a brief history of his last position and that he was looking forward to getting a diesel program going at LLCC.

2. Program overview

Industries served: Agriculture, construction and trucks. Many industries overlap and students in the program will be exposed to all three. Students will be matched to industry that fits them.

Courses and curriculum: AAS degree program requiring 60 hours of completion during five semesters. Gen ed classes will be applicable to the needs of the industry.

Recruitment: Recruiting will be done in high schools, word of mouth, community events and dealer-sponsored events. Jeff will be happy to pass out any materials that employers have and hoping all attendees will spread the word about the diesel program. 

Industry standards: Accreditation: AEDF (Association Equipment Dealers Foundation). Ability to compare our results to similar programs throughout nation. Open to OEM certifications as well. Example: Navistar and Kenworth online training modules.

Building and facilities: Remodeling former auto body program shop. Additional storage can be built and outside areas if needed. 

Training aids: Will need help purchasing expensive equipment. If anyone has any equipment that’s not good enough to sell, or donate used engines, components, etc., please let Jeff know.  

3. Program needs

Internship sites: students will complete two internships of eight weeks each in their last year of program.

Technical support: Current technicians in the working industry are up to date on the most current technical aspects, so from time-to-time Jeff may be calling for some technical support from industry employees.

Equipment loans: May need to borrow some equipment at times but will put under insurance while on LLCC property.

Donations: Won’t be asking directly for cash donations, but any equipment will be appreciated if we can use it and have the storage space.

Qualified instructors: Will be needing qualified instructors. If anyone knows of someone who would be interested, send to Jeff.

4. Questions and answers

Evening classes for non-traditional students? Will eventually offer those but not right away. Will also come down to available training aids, space and instructors. Day classes fill better because most are young high school students.

Students having a CDL would be helpful? We have a CDL program here on campus so there is the ability to get CDL for students.

Career Day at LLCC? Scheduled for Sept. 28 for employers from many industries showcasing their equipment. Will coincide with the lineman rodeo.

Employability skills? Teaching students about appearance, resume skills, professionalism, etc. Will be teaching these skills in every class.

Student tools? Each student is responsible for purchasing their own set of tools through the bookstore. Approximately $5,000.

Sponsorships? Yes, will be working on that.

Fundraising opportunities? Working with the LLCC Foundation on that. Open for ideas.

Action items