Emergency Medical Services Advisory Meeting Minutes

Nov. 21, 2022, 2:30 p.m.

Meeting Place



Nick Ferreira, program director, EMS and health


Members in Attendance

Nick Ferreira, director, LLCC emergency services; Jason McMillian, LLCC FST; Alex McCoy, student; Cynthia Maskey, dean, LLCC health professions; Janelle Murphy, program director, LLCC radiography; Sara Rolando, Medics First; Brian Churchill, SJH EMS; Sara Brown, SMH; Rachel Compardo, Lifestar; Matt Johnston, MD SMH; Rebecca Tracy, MD SJH; Tyler Fulks, MD SIU; Karen Sanders, executive director, LLCC Foundation; Scott Pasichow, MD SJH; Shanda Byer, associate vice president, LLCC enrollment services; Becky Parton, dean, LLCC academic innovation and elearning; Bob Kayma, SJH; Vern Lindquist, vice president, LLCC academic services.

Members Absent

Mike Crews, community member-FD; Robbie Bajier, American Ambulance Service; Cathy Gobleman, community member-LLCC; Bev Provines, public member; Sharon Fritts, administrative assistant to the dean, LLCC health professions; Fabiola Gonzales, LLCC student success coach; Chuck Kean, LLCC EMS adjunct faculty; Christopher McDowell, SIU Physician; Dr. Charlotte Warren, LLCC president




  1. Introductions and welcome
  2. EMS program update
  3. Future EMS plans
  4. Grant update
  5. EMS system update
  6. CoAEMSP SMC 2023
  7. Community resources
  8. Conclusion


1. Introductions and welcome

Roundtable introductions done by all members of the committee. 

2. EMS program update

An update on the program numbers was provided by Nick for the past year. No AEMT numbers to report as the cohort was canceled due to low enrollment. The past cohort of paramedics graduated 12 students and 11
so far have obtained their license (92%).

The data on the EMT numbers paints a different picture. The fall 2021 EMT program graduated 23 students and the spring 2022 program had 14. The average license pass rate for the two combined was at 65%. Some students did not even challenge the licensure exam with NR.

Sara B. asked about the current medic numbers and that cohort sits at 14 students. Several have dropped the program for a variety of reasons. The current number of EMT students registered is at 34 for the fall 2022 semester.

3. Future EMS plans

Nick issued a reminder about survey completion for the CoA requirement.

CAAHEP’s minimum expectation was approved.

4. Grant update

Nick provided the committee an update on the federal construction grant that was awarded and what the money would be used for within the program: new equipment, building changes and a new ambulance.

5. EMS system update

No news from SJH other than Dr. Rebecca Tracy has joined the ER as a doctor and future assistant medical director.

No news from SMH as well.

6. CoAEMSP SMC 2023

The committee was then presented with the new SMC (2023) from CoA and the new changes were highlighted and discussed. Several rounds of conversation was had between committee members asking different questions relating to the SMC. The program was seeking guidance on the fields that were not currently being assessed. The committee opted to follow the minimum numbers set forth by CoA with regards to the SMC.

The committee also the discussed the possibility of surveying providers after the program ended to see what might need to be changed in the future relating to the SMC.

7. Community resources

On the community side, Alex asked about the “student” wording on the clinical polo’s and if something else could be used. A discussion followed, but it was decided to best leave the language as currently used. For disclosure with our patients and the students' status as students.

8. Conclusion

With no further comments, the meeting was ended at 3:45 p.m.

Future meetings to be announced for 2023 or as needed.