Emergency Medical Services Advisory Meeting Minutes

Dec. 7, 2023, 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Place



Jason McMillan


Members in Attendance

Dr. Charlotte Warren, Nick Ferreira, Cynthia Maskey, Jason McMillan, Josh Collins, Sara Rolando, Bob Kayma, Janelle Murphy, Fabi Gonzalez, Dr. Matt Johnston, Bryan Goers, Brian Churchill, Dr. Tyler Fulks, Dr. Rebecca Tracy.

Members Absent

Rachel Compardo, Robbie Bajier, Sharon Fritts, Karen Sanders, Bev Provines, Mike Crews, Jason Dockter, Becky Parton, Dr. Chris McDowell, Alex McCoy 




  1. Introductions and welcome
  2. EMS program update
  3. Grant update
  4. EMS system update
  5. CoAEMSP SMC 2023
  6. Community resources
  7. Conclusion of Meeting


1. Introductions and welcome

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Jason McMillan at 1500 hours. Roundtable introductions were conducted. Approval business completed as required (above). The agenda was then turned over to the program director for most of the remainder of the meeting. 

2. EMS program update

The EMS program director reported the following numbers for the past calendar year:

SP23 EMT 13 passed and overall rate of 69% for testing.

FA23 EMT 23 expected to pass the course.

A-EMT 16 passed and overall rate of 75% for testing.

Medic 16 passed and overall rate of about 63% for testing.  

It was noted that some re-takes on NR testing are still pending across the board.  A policy change was implemented by the program after the mock site visit and confirmed by the actual site visit in October of 2023 regarding student clinical time and that students cannot replace staff on ambulances. Thus, affecting the student’s ability to gain clinical skills/assessments. Reference was made to a mid-cycle (AC) update that was provided to all committee members about the updated SMC’s from CoA and that rollout for the current cohort. The memo also touched on the clinical note above. A reminder was passed along to committee members about completing their program RAM survey, so that the data can be compiled.

The timeline for AEMT accreditation was also outlined by the program director as something that should be on the “radar” for the near future. A discussion from several committee members was had about a concern in the clinical setting about identifying what scope of practice EMS students were in – while in clinicals. Murphy, Kayma, Brown, Tracy, Fulks all added comments to the committee. Name badges, patches and ID card rockers or stickers were noted.  The committee agreed the rockers were a good idea and would be investigated. 

3. Grant update

Grant money purchases are starting.  Building construction is slotted for a 2024 start, with ending in possibly 2025. 

4. EMS system update

The next topic was specialty clinical time availability – in terms of OR time. Both hospitals noted a decrease in options and time slots, which lead to several side-bar conversations about how much clinical space was open Minutes to students and what could be done to increase access. Collins, Warren, Kayma, Churchill, McMillan all added comments. Options will be sought by clinical sites, as this is now a known issue moving forward.  Other training ideas were discussion in forum with the group and they included the use of cadavers and adding clinical sites. Money and resources were cited as a limiting factor. 

5. CoAEMSP SMC 2023 

See notes above in section 2. 

6. Community Resources 

Dr. Warren also asked about future planning with regards to EMS program expansion. 

An open forum was extended to the group for other comments, but none offered. 

7. Conclusion of Meeting

The meeting was then closed by the chair at 15:50 hours. 

Future Meetings: TBA for 2024 as needed.