Emergency Medical Services Advisory Meeting Minutes

Jan. 10, 2022, 3 p.m.

Meeting Place



Nick Ferreira, program director, EMS and health


Members in Attendance

Nick Ferreira, LLCC emergency services program director; Chuck Kean, LLCC adjunct; Derek Beckman, EMS student; Susan Zappa, America Amb.; Cathy Gobleman, former student, LLCC program staff; Jason McMillian, LLCC FST; Cynthia Maskey, LLCC health professions dean; Laurel Bretz, LLCC Community Education director; Sara Brown, MHS EMS; Vern Lindquist, LLCC vice president of academic services; Janelle Murphy, LLCC assessment; Dr. Matt Johnston, MHS MD; Matt Roberts, SJH EMS; Brian Churchill, SJH EMS; Sara Rolando, Medic’s First Amb.; Josh Collins, LLCC associate vice president of business relations; Becky Parton, LLCC dean of academic innovation and eLearning; Dr. Tyler Fulks, MHS MD; Dr. Scott Pasichow, SJH MD; Dr. Chris McDowell, SIU MD; Micaela Childress, LLCC student success coach.

Members Absent

Mike Crew, community member; Dr. Matt Jackson, MHS MD; Dustin Cole, Lifestar Amb.; Karen Sanders, LLCC vice president of advancement; Bev Provines, public member; Shanda Byer, LLCC associate vice president of enrollment services; Sharon Fritts, LLCC administrative assistant to the dean; Dr. Charlotte Warren, LLCC president.




  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. EMS program update
  3. Future EMS plans
  4. Grant request/expansion
  5. EMS system update
  6. Program assessment
  7. Community resources
  8. Conclusion


1. Welcome and introductions

  • Meeting called to order by Nick F. at 3 p.m.
  • Meeting conducted via Zoom due to COVID.
  • Roundtable introductions done.

2. EMS program update

  • Nick F. provided stats for the past year in review.  
    • Medic: Retention 83.3%. Exam pass rate currently at 70% but several students on rotation with re-testing at NR.
    • AEMT: Retention 100%. Exam pass rate at 87.5%.
    • EMT: Retention 91%. Exam pass rate estimated at 83.5% but several students on rotation with testing to complete.
  • The AEMT course was canceled for the 2022 year due to low enrollment, which was the first time since the program was started.
  • Vern L. ask about numbers for other programs in the area.
  • Nick F. added we don’t know numbers, but several programs closed for the current cohort year – citing low to no student numbers.
  • Sara B. added Quincy and Decatur not offering.
  • Brian C. also indicated Alton has not been able to offer courses (medic).

3. Future EMS plans

  • Nick F. provided a quick update on the accreditation status with the submission of the ISSR on track for February 2022 and the site visit has been paid for already.
  • Cynthia M. asked about in-person or remote site visits, as many are still being conducted remotely.
  • Nick F. answered by saying both options are on the table and more information may come when the visit is scheduled.

4. Grant request/expansion

  • Nick F. addressed some program expansion notes and that the college is looking to add or increase interest in the EMS program. Also opened the floor to comments.
  • Chuck K. added notes about the AEMT class being canceled for the first time and talked about program numbers, community reach out and other options to get students into the program (AEMT).
  • Matt J. asked about how students were contacted and if needed, the hospitals could provide roster of classes.
  • Cynthia M. noted that email was done with past students of the college.
  • Sara B. noted that CACC was starting with 38 EMT students in the fall. This could be a source of students for AEMT/Medic.
  • Sara B. also noted that very few places are hosting an AEMT, and that LLCC is the only college-based program.
  • Chuck K. add that CACC could be a good option.
  • Sara B. also noted that other programs are targeting high schools.
  • Cynthia M. added that April would be a good time to visit CACC to address recruitment.
  • Jason M. noted that he is in regular contact with students from CACC and is pushing students to the EMS side when able.
  • Scott P. wanted to know where AEMT courses are being conducted.
  • Sara B. answered with mainly in Peoria, Decatur, Southern Illinois and in-house at SMH (with SFD).
  • Nick F. advised the committee that LLCC is seeking grant money for the program.
  • Cynthia M. indicated the program needs students and ideas from the committee.
  • Matt J. agreed on the CACC option.
  • Sara B. noted that several ambulance companies are lowering the driver age to increase rosters. And she talked about college cost for students out of district.
  • Chris M. wondered if the college could provide the committee with an outline of their recruitment methods.
  • Cynthia M. talked about PRM with regards to recruitment.
  • Vern L. add comments about the “charge-back” and how it applies to students.
  • Jason M. also addressed the process used by U of I for undergraduates and the IFSI.

5. EMS system update

  • Nick F. opened the table for the EMS systems to provide an update.
  • Sara B. talked about staff shortages, speeding up the license process and the possible increased usage of EMRs.
  • Nick F. added a note about IDPH and the waiver for advanced providers taking the psychomotor exam (in Illinois) through NR.
  • Sara B. added that is likely to stay in place until 2023 when NR changes their testing format.
  • Chuck K. added comments about EMR usage at the political level.
  • Brian C. added that he agreed with all that Sara B. had to say.

6. Program assessment

  • Nick F. proposed the removal of four clinical sites from the current list due to low/no usage by students within the past several semesters.  
  • Bond Co. Amb/Granite City FD/Mason Dist. Hospital & EMS.
  • Open to committee vote and it was agreed that those providers could be removed without impacting current students.
  • Brian C. and Matt J. both agreed as well.
  • CAAHEP standard II.C was entered and approved by the committee for the year.

7. Community resources

  • No comments from the committee.

8. Conclusion

  • Meeting ended by Nick F. at 3:45 p.m.

Next Meeting

  • TBA for 2022 or as needed.