Hospitality & Culinary Arts Advisory Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2021, 3:30 p.m.

Meeting Place

W1136 & Zoom


Sheridan Lane


Members in Attendance

Sheridan Lane, Sean Keeley, Amy Beadle, Christopher Dailey, Desiree Logsdon, Theo Spilman, Larry Hemingway

Members Absent





  1. Introduction & Purpose
  2. Overview
  3. Professional Development Brainstorming
  4. Enrollment Assistance
  5. Adjunct Spots Fall 2021
  6. Questions & Discussions



Introduction & Purpose Sheridan welcomed and thanked everyone for attending.  Everyone introduced themselves, told where they worked, and shared a high and a hurdle that they are each experiencing in their company.


Overview Sheridan went over links to the Culinary/Hospitality website and the offerings LLCC has. Discussed differences in AAS program opposed to a certificate of achievement. They are the same except for general education classes needed for AAS.  LLCC working on fast-track day programs.


Professional Development Brainstorming Discussed LLCC offering professional continuing education classes for employers and most PAC members liked idea. List of classes suggested were knife skills, kitchen efficiency, flavors, weight & measure, costing, and leadership. Discussed incentives for employees to want to enroll in classes such as employer pay for classes, salary increase, 50/50 cost sharing, employee reimbursements, scholarship program, employee discounts.


Enrollment Assistance Suggested ways to get the word out about professional continuing education classes were to contact the champion businesses, networking, get a list to 2 PAC members for review, and social media. Spring 2022 class suggestions were kitchen efficiency, communication/customer service, knife skills and cost -effectiveness.


Adjunct Spots Fall 2021 LLCC looking for adjunct instructors for Fall 2021. A guest chef for Bistro To Go, pastry arts, and beverage management.


Questions & Discussion Decision made to meet approximately 4 times per year.  Next tentative meeting dates are Wednesday October 20, 2021 and Thursday January 20, 2022. Discussion to invite top performers in the industry to a showcasing of professional continuing education classes in February 2022 for their feedback.

Action Items

  • Work up payment costs for CE classes. - Assigned to: Sheridan and Sean -  Due Date: September 2021
  • Tentative invites for next meeting. - Assigned to: Sheridan - Due Date: August - September 2021