Truck Driver Training Advisory Meeting Minutes

June 14, 2022, 11 a.m.

Meeting Place

Bistro Verde, Workforce Careers Center


Curt Robinson


Members in Attendance

Steve Brenner and  Kristy Johnson, Maschhoff Transport; Adam Pijanowski, McLeod Express; Doug Harry, Schneider; Lou Johnson, McLane; Sheila Moran, Dot Transportation; Doug Longstaff; Brent Popejoy, Tom Spears and Michele Layton, LLCC.

Members Absent





  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Question and answer session
  3. Review ELDT rules
  4. Employer concerns
  5. Get involved


1. Welcome and introductions

  • Everyone introduced themselves and stated where they were from. 

2. Question and answer session

  • Do your LLCC student hires have the necessary skills to benefit your business?  
    • Would like to see more technology taught. Wish students came in with better backing skills and knowing how to get in and out of tight places with a truck and trailer. LLCC students have better skills than students coming out of other schools. 
  • Are you satisfied overall with the LLCC program graduates?
    • All agreed yes, they are satisfied, and most LLCC students are a lot more knowledgeable on topics.
  • What knowledge or skill areas can be improved?
    • Driving habits for fuel economy.
  • Are there any other topics that should be included to meet the needs of your business or industry?
    • Do more training and offer experience with technology in classroom such as electronic logs. Teach fuel efficiency techniques. Driver health and wellness issues, load securement.
  • How do you see your needs changing in the next 5 years?
    • Will still need safe drivers. 
  • What technology will impact your needs?
    • Will need fuel help. Mechanics needed for updated equipment.
  • Is LLCC helping to meet your student driver needs?
    • Yes.
  • How many drivers do you need right now? How many could you hire over the next months?
    • Everyone needs drivers between 15 and 50.
  • What ideas would help the college meet the workforce needs?
    • Drivers, mechanics and forklift training.
  • How can we better partner with you and the community to increase the number of people we can train?
    • Going into the high schools to recruit. Discussed 18-20-year-old rule. Couple companies are using 18-20-year-olds, one hires 18-20-year-olds for warehouse, insurance company won’t allow hiring under 21.

3. Review ELDT rules

  • Has anyone had any big impacts on the ELDT rules?
    • Waiting for students to get tested after they get their hours in.   

4. Employer concerns

  • What are some highs and hurdles facing companies?
    • Hurdles – equipment, parts and drivers. Out of route drivers, physical labor, aging driving force, limited space.
    • Highs – No longer dispatch on Saturdays and Sundays. 

5. Get involved

Continue recruiting so we can get students in your companies.