Truck Driver Training Advisory Meeting Minutes

Sept. 22, 2021, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Meeting Place

Bistro Verde, Workforce Careers Center


Curt Robinson


Members in Attendance

Lou Johnson, Steve Bremer, Bradley Harden, Doug Harry, Tom Spears, Nancy Sweet, Josh Collins, Brent Lovejoy

Members Absent





  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Review Curriculum for Truck Driving
  3. Industry Trends, Innovations & Concerns
  4. Get Involved



Welcome & Introductions – Welcome and introductions of everyone and where each member worked.


Review Curriculum For Truck Driving – Curriculum and syllabus discussed. Day and night class hours went over. Our school works with approximately 80 employers which include local, OTR, freight, and food carriers. Questions from members that director addressed was the process of meeting with students and going over drug and alcohol policy and each student is enrolled in a random drawing through Mid-West Truckers Assn.  Fatigue and wellness are discussed in classroom. Went over class size (6 or 7 students) and how students are split into groups of 3, rotating time doing backing, drop & hook, pretrip and road work. Talked about the back log of students due to all the funding available. Other topics covered were cargo securement and reckless driving which are covered in classroom discussion. Talked some on companies using cameras and how students felt about that.  Students watch a video about loading cargo and the use of power pallet jacks.


Industry Trends, Innovations & Concerns – Committee members all shared highs and lows their companies are facing. Highs were that industry is good and going well, working with the truck driving program in training warehouse employees to be drivers.  Lows were not enough people wanting to do physical labor, freight rates high, competition with other companies offering extremely high sign on bonuses. Discussed changes coming such as using liquid gas, the driver shortage, and needing trained people, especially in forklift.  LLCC can help with employee forklift training if anyone is interested. 

New federal rules were discussed and is supposed to go into effect in Feb. 2022. 


Get Involved – Discussion about company sponsored trailer wrap and employee training in forklift certification.  

Action items