Apprenticeship Programs

Today’s apprenticeship programs aren’t just for trade positions anymore!

Today’s challenges are finding and keeping talented employees. We believe a successful apprenticeship program comes about with the right mixture of education and on-the-job training.

According to the Department of Labor, approximately 150,000 businesses have integrated the apprenticeship model into their talent development strategy.

  • 97% of these businesses would recommend apprenticeship programs.
  • 91% of students participating in apprenticeship programs stay at their place of employment after the apprenticeship program ends.


Build your career


Build your workforce

What is an apprenticeship program?

An apprenticeship program is a structured “learn and earn” program that combines classroom learning along with structured on-the-job training guided by a mentor. The goal for apprenticeship programs is to provide workers with a set of skills that meet the specific needs of local employers using a flexible learning approach.

Who are apprenticeships geared toward?

Apprenticeship programs are for people of all ages who want to learn by doing! They also earn a salary while they gain real skills and knowledge to obtain a job in their chosen career.


For more information, please contact Brenda Elliott, director of work-based learning, at or 217-786-2326.