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Looking forward to fall activities!

Sally Cadagin, president, LLCC Academy of Lifelong Learning

Sally Cadagin

I do not think any of us ever appreciated being together with friends and family for celebrations as much as we have this summer. The times we took for granted, we realized can change in an instant. Being a member of the Academy of Lifelong Learning (ALL) is good no matter what the situation is. Some of our activities lend themselves to Zoom, while happily others can again be in-person events. 

It is fun to meet in person again for Around Town. I am surprised how Eileen Kendle finds new places for us to visit and learn about, places I have never visited. They range from the Illinois Supreme Court to the Nipper Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Beginning in September, Chautauqua, under the leadership of Elizabeth Simpson, is planning speakers to take us along Route 66 from its conception to the present. We never tire of hearing stories about Route 66, and it is interesting how it has become an iconic symbol for younger travelers.

One group many of us find useful is Tech Talk, whether it is hands-on or on Zoom. Even if we are proficient with our devices, Thea Chesley can usually find something new for us to learn. What would we have done without Zoom during the pandemic?

Today’s Topic is one that can go either way depending on where the speaker is located. Have you heard of Prepping or Preppers? Cyndi Deitrick stays on top of what is new so stay tuned for more information.

Breakfast Roundtable is already back at MCL Restaurant where Dick McLane has invited Curtis Mann, Lincoln Library historian, to be the August speaker. Meet, Greet and Eat is starting up full time in the fall. 

Did I say there was something for every interest? A fairly new group is History Hunters whose members have a wide range of historical interests. 

To make up for our year of isolation, ALL is having some fun, social events. We have had lots of fun activities including a games day, an ice cream social and an outdoor breakfast downtown at Cafe Moxo. Coming up in the fall, we are having a downtown scavenger hunt, a wine tasting at The Corkscrew and a hike around Lincoln Memorial Gardens. 

Our big fall activity is our Fall Kickoff which falls on Friday, Sept. 17 this year. Since travel plans are in the works for many, our theme is “Where in the United States is ALL?” Come see the possibilities. Members are decorating the tables with possible locations while incorporating fun games and snacks that go with the theme. Each group/activity will have a table reporting on what is on its agenda for the year. We are meeting in the lower level of Menard Hall in the Student Union from 1 - 3 p.m. There is an added bonus of a tree planting that day that coordinates with the Big Read of “Lab Girl” by Hope Jahren. If you are not a member, here is a chance to see what ALL has to offer. If you are, come alone or bring a friend and come join the fun. I hope you are excited about what is happening as I am.

To learn more about the Academy of Lifelong Learning and/or join, email or call 217-786-2432.