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LLCC signs agreement with Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault

Press contact: Lynn Whalen

Photo: Leslie Johnson, LLCC assistant vice president, student success; Kelli Sinclair, LLCC vice president, student services; Shelley Vaughan, PCASA associate director, prevention and outreach; Nikki Baker, LLCC compliance and prevention coordinator

SPRINGFIELD — Officials of Lincoln Land Community College yesterday signed an agreement with the Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault (PCASA) to provide confidential advisors to any students in need of these services. Per state statute, all Illinois colleges and universities are required to have confidential advisors and other resources in place.

PCASA will offer confidential support for any student who has ever experienced sexual misconduct, domestic or dating violence or stalking. Confidential advisors will assist students with information on reporting to law enforcement agencies, seeking emergency medical treatment, campus and community support services while protecting the student’s privacy and rights under the law. 

Shelley Vaughan, associate director for prevention and outreach at PCASA, commented, “We are pleased to partner with LLCC in this endeavor and continue our longstanding partnership to offer our services and support to LLCC students.” 

“I want to extend my thanks to Ms. Vaughn and our colleagues at PCASA for making this agreement possible,” said Kelli Sinclair, LLCC vice president of student services. “Our partnerships and relationships with local community agencies like PCASA are integral to our success at LLCC. In this case, PCASA’s ability to serve in the ‘confidential advisor’ capacity at LLCC helps us keep the safe and healthy learning environment we have for students. We are grateful for their expertise and support.”

All services to students provided by PCASA will be within the guidelines of the Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act. Students seeking more information may contact Nikki Baker, LLCC compliance and prevention coordinator, at 217-786-3426 or