Open Door Mentorship

Welcome to LLCC’s Open Door Mentorship Program, where we are excited about improving the lives of African-American males. Our intent is to invest in the education of African-American males through the program. Participants are presented with opportunities to become academically successful at LLCC while on and off campus.

Our investment in the Open Door Mentorship Program is not only confined to the classroom. Under the guidelines of Lincoln Land Community College and The Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce Initiatives, we have been commissioned to improve the persistence, retention and completion of African-American male students.

“The program will provide minority male students with strategic opportunities to 'try on' various careers that exist within our community,” said Chamber President and CEO Chris Hembrough. “The opportunities will result in internships through local businesses and organizations, provide a combination of academic and business mentoring, and ultimately lead to employment opportunities related to the career path they have both discovered and decided to pursue."

We believe that our program is unique and offers several opportunities. If you are looking to be challenged academically and changed inwardly then the Open Door Program is for you.

Open Door was envisioned and established through a partnership of Lincoln Land Community College and the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, and grew out of the “Grow Our Own” program, a partnership of Hanson Professional Services, Inc., the City of Springfield and Sangamon County. In this video, Sergio “Satch” Pecori, chairman and CEO of Hanson Professional Services, Inc., talks about the successful Grow Our Own program and how it provided a model for the Open Door program.