Campus Map: Text Alternative

Lincoln Land Community College Springfield campus map 5250 Shepherd Road, P.O. Box 19256, Springfield, IL 62794-9256 217-786-2200, As you drive onto campus heading east off of Toronto Road on to R.L. Poorman Drive, turn south and follow road as it turns east again onto Foundation Drive. On the south side is the Workforce Careers Center (which houses the Bistro Verde), and south of this building is the Truck Driver Training Lot. On the north side are parking lots. Continuing east, at the stop sign, on the north side of the road is the Trutter Center, on the south side is Montgomery Hall (which houses the Nursing Education Center). Continue east and on the south side of road is Logan Hall, then Mason Hall and on the north side of the road are parking lots. Before the road turns north, if you were to continue straight, this road leads to the Lineworker Training Field. As you continue north on the road, on the east side of the road is the Kreher Agriculture Center. Continue north on the road, and there are more parking lots on the north side of the road. The road turns west. At this point, on the north side of the road is Cass Gym (which houses the Fitness Center). To the north of Cass Gym is the soccer field, Claude Kracik Field (baseball), softball field and the bird banding station. Continue west on the road, and at the stop sign on the north side is Menard Hall. To the west is A. Lincoln Commons. To the west of that is Sangamon Hall. To the north of Sangamon Hall is Lake Macoupin. The road winds south through a parking lots to Millennium Drive heading west. At the stop sign, on the north side is Millennium Center. Turn north, and then west onto Poorman Drive to exit campus. At the stoplight turn north onto Shepherd road. The first building on east side is the Child Development Center.