The mission

The mission of Lincoln Land Community College is to provide district residents with quality educational programs and services that are accessible, affordable and responsive to individual and community needs.

The vision

Lincoln Land Community College aspires to be an inclusive institution dedicated to teaching and learning, a recognized leader adapting to community needs, offering a multitude of pathways for individuals to realize educational goals, and executing educational innovations in a dynamic world.


Access & success

We strive to increase the number of students who pursue education beyond high school, providing the tools they need to succeed and achieve their goals.


We respect and celebrate the differences among people, cultures and ideas. We incorporate multiple perspectives into our processes, informing decision-making, improving the college and enriching lives. We strive to be kind, compassionate and empathetic in our interactions with others and recognize the inherent dignity and worth of everyone throughout the college community.


We demonstrate integrity in our programming and operations. We strive to be ethical, trustworthy, truthful and fair in all that we do. We are cognizant of our responsibility to meet the needs of our campus and community in ways that will not damage or deplete natural resources and meet present needs without compromising the future.


We value, recognize and support new ideas and original thinking and practices. We are aware of the dynamic nature of our environment and strive to adapt to evolving expectations. We recognize the need to adjust and respond with intentional organizational agility. We assess process and practice for continuous improvement.

Teaching & learning

We continuously promote the advancement of learning throughout our college community. We value excellence in teaching throughout all the college’s environments and promote the advancement of education, so that individuals from all backgrounds can find themselves on a pathway that leads to the achievement of personal and professional goals.


Goal 1: Student access and success

LLCC promotes academic access and success as well as personal development for all its students.

Goal 2: Financial strength

LLCC commits to fiscal responsibility and stewardship.

Goal 3: Economic responsiveness

LLCC provides resources and services that impact the economic vitality of the communities we serve.

Goal 4: Community engagement

LLCC provides lifelong learning, cultural, social and recreational opportunities and resources for the communities we serve.

Goal 5: Diversity and cultural competency

LLCC strives to maintain a diverse and inclusive environment complete with offerings that aim to develop global awareness and cultural competency.

Goal 6: Operational strength

LLCC strives to cultivate a work environment that effectively utilizes college resources, creates clear lines of communication, and develops people and procedures through continuous quality improvement.