Community Education Classes in Taylorville

Summer 2022

Organic Gardening

Students will learn fundamental skills necessary to grow nutritious produce by understanding how environmental factors impact the garden. Each student will participate in activities that will enhance their connection to nature. The course will address the difference between Organic, Natural, and Alternative pest management and fertilizer applications. Important issues such as a lack of biodiversity, heirloom varieties and companion planting will be presented through the use of guilds. Participants will visit Emerald Gardens in Taylorville for several class periods for hands-on experience.

  • Instructor: Miranda Smith
  • Date: Tue., June 14-July 19
  • Time: 5:30-7 p.m.
  • Location: Room 1207
  • Ages: 19 and over
  • Fee: $59
  • Course Code: CEW 106-03

Fall 2022

Introduction to Voiceovers

Explore the craft of voiceovers! Discover current trends, opportunities and tools you need to find success in this growing remote-working industry. Read a real script and receive coaching from your instructor, a professional voice actor, to improve your delivery. This is a one-time, 90-minute, one-on-one video-chat class! Upon registration you will be contacted by Voices for All to schedule your class for a day and time of your convenience.

Requirements: Students must have internet access and video chatting capabilities using a method such as Zoom, Skype (Win/Mac/mobile) or iChat/FaceTime (Mac/iOS).

  • Instructor: Voices For All
  • Date and Time: Call 217-786-2430 to schedule your one-on-one session.
  • Location: Online-virtual
  • Fee: $49
  • Course Code: TBA


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