Outreach Advisory Committees


Outreach Advisory Committees serve to strengthen the link between the college district and the community, enhance and provide community input for college district programs and services offered in the LLCC Outreach Center service areas, and promote public awareness of the college programs.

Members are invited to serve on Outreach Advisory Committees because of their knowledge, expertise and understanding of their communities. Members include individuals from professional organizations, local employers and businesses, community groups, secondary education, and administrative and economic development groups.

Your role can support the LLCC Outreach Centers in several ways, including curriculum suggestions, educational enrichment, recruitment, community awareness and legislation. Outreach Advisory Committees meet a minimum of two times per year.


Committee members are expected to:

  • Attend and participate in all meetings.
  • Utilize your professional expertise to support your respective Outreach Center.
  • Identify local labor market needs, trends and opportunities.
  • Assist in faculty and student recruitment processes and promote awareness of the Outreach Center in professional and community venues and networking events.
  • Identify areas and groups where strategic partnerships can benefit all parties to further the community.
  • Assist in raising funds or donations for scholarships, equipment and other student needs.
  • Network with fellow advisory committee members and have fun!

Get involved!