Litchfield Facility Rental

We are able to accommodate many events, small or large.

Facility usage opportunities

  • Conferences
  • Training sessions for large or small groups
  • Meetings
  • Employee gatherings
  • Vendor and display areas

Reservation or tours

Call 217-786-3401, email Christine Marietta or fill out an online request from.
Please provide the following information:

  1. Date and name of event
  2. Estimated number of participants
  3. Equipment requested
  4. Room set up arrangements

Facility rental information

We offer a variety of spaces for your event. Expand the links below to learn more.

  • A full day is defined as five or more hours. A half day is fewer than five hours.
  • For approved weekend events, a security fee of $67.50 per every three hours will be charged.
  • To be considered non-for-profit or government-affiliated, users will need to provide a tax exempt form. Community events are affiliated with the City of Litchfield.
  • An invoice requesting payment will be sent by email or mail after the use of the college facilities.

The auditorium can hold up to 150 people in a theatre setting or up to 100 people in a table seating arrangement.


  • Community, non-for-profit, government (full/half day): $150/$75
  • For-profit (full/half Day): $225/$150

The multipurpose room can hold up to 128 people.


  • Community, non-for-profit, government (full/half day): $100/$50
  • For-profit (full/half day): $150/$100

The classroom can hold up to 30 people.


  • Community, non-for-profit, government (full/half day): $60/$30
  • For-profit (full/half day): $90/$60

We offer two computer labs that can hold up to 16 or 20 people.


  • Community, non-for-profit, government (full/half day): $40/hr
  • For-profit (full/half day): $50/hr

The conference room can hold up to 8 people.


  • Community, non-for-profit, government (full/half day): $40/$20
  • For-profit (full/half day): $60/$40

Please notify the college of any event cancellation at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled event. Failure to do so may result in loss of future privileges to reserve facilities. The user may be liable for all costs if the event is canceled fewer than 48 hours in advance.

When requested, a podium, whiteboard, chalkboard, flip chart, easel, sandwich boards for event directions and normal projection systems with a screen and projector can be provided at no cost when available. In the auditorium, a corded or cordless microphone is available for use.

Food and/or beverages for events at the college must be provided for by the user. No food is allowed in the carpeted auditorium unless approved by the LLCC-Litchfield director.

The user should not advertise the event prior to receiving a facility confirmation email.

Afterhours or weekend events will be charged an extra $67.50 per every three hours.

All college facilities and equipment must be returned in its original, good condition. The cost of repairs and/or replacement will be charged to the user.

The college assumes no responsibility for any loss which may result to the reserving organization.