Agriculture Business Sponsor Information

Hiring and retaining qualified employees is a constant struggle for agriculture employers in central Illinois. Workers need to be able to operate expensive equipment, apply precise amounts of product and handle long hours on the job. It’s not for everyone! The sponsorship program at LLCC can help.

Businesses get to interview prospective students (either identified by the business or college) to decide if they want to sponsor them. The student enrolls at LLCC, and the sponsor is billed each semester. Students will take classes in subjects like crops and soils, precision technology, mechanics and business. They also complete two internships with the sponsor, one in the late spring after their freshman year, and the second during the last quarter of the sophomore year. After graduation, the student becomes a full-time employee of the firm, and complete their contract, usually for at least two years.

Both parties benefit from the sponsorship program. Students can get their education paid for and know they will have a job waiting for them after graduation. Sponsors can better plan for their labor needs and hire licensed, knowledgeable and skilled employees.