Agriculture Student Sponsor Information

Industry demand for qualified graduates in precision agriculture and custom application has never been greater. For potential students, this means that paying for college has never been easier!

Local employers such as Brandt Consolidated, FS, Nutrien Ag Solutions and others have been sponsoring students in the program for over 20 years. The businesses interview and decide to hire a student. They then pay for the tuition, fees and books for the student while they are studying at Lincoln Land Community College. The student will work for the sponsor during the two internship classes that are a part of the program. After graduation, the student agrees to work for the business, usually for a minimum of two years.

Both parties benefit from the sponsorship program. Students can get their education paid for and know they will have a job waiting for them after graduation. Sponsors can better plan for their labor needs and hire licensed, knowledgeable and skilled employees.