Karl Miller

Karl Miller

Employment and education:

Karl is the director of healthcare at Ross & Baruzzini, Inc. After he received his Associate in Science, pre-engineering from LLCC, Karl went on to receive his Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from SIU-Carbondale and his Master of Business Administration from Eastern Illinois University.

How has Lincoln Land Community College impacted your life?

LLCC created a strong education foundation for my pursuit of a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. This strong foundation translated into academic success for both my bachelor's and master's degrees. My education has provided a successful career in the engineering consulting field, based on the strong foundation provided by LLCC.

What have been some obstacles you have had to overcome in pursuit of your educational and/or career goals?

The largest obstacle I had to over come in pursuit of my education was the transition from high school to college. I attended a small, rural high school, which had limited resources and provided the bare minimums in math and science. I had not prepared for college and felt overwhelmed. LLCC was the perfect choice for me as the class sizes provided more direct interaction with the professors. I was able to get the help I needed and gained confidence along the way. My transition to a four-year university was seamless, and I had the confidence that I was well-prepared for the next step of my education.

What is your greatest accomplishment(s)?

My greatest accomplishment academically was completion of my MBA. I completed my degree through night classes while working full time and starting a family. It was a tremendous amount of work for me and my wife. I felt an extreme sense of accomplishment when I obtained my diploma.

My greatest accomplishment professionally was obtaining my current position at Ross & Baruzzini as the director of our healthcare market. Ross & Baruzzini is an engineering consulting firm based out of St. Louis. This position allows me to fully utilize my education, experience and interests. I’m involved in both the business and engineering side of the business, which is both challenging and rewarding.

Was there a professor, advisor, staff member or fellow student who made an impression on you or helped you when you were here at LLCC?

There was a fellow student that made an impression on me. I don’t recall his name, but his father was a chemistry professor at LLCC. He was in all three of my calculus classes. He never took notes, but got As on all of the tests. In contrast, I feverishly took notes to catch every word uttered by the professor. This gentleman was obviously extremely intelligent. This method of just listening and not taking notes would not work for me. However, it did teach me that, at times, I just needed to listen. I learned to focus on the concepts and not every detail.

Who or what has served as a source of inspiration for you?

I had a math teacher in high school that was a tremendous source of inspiration. This teacher overheard me and another student discussing that we both planned to study electrical engineering in college. He told us we weren’t smart enough to make it through engineering school. This negative comment turned out to be a positive. I never forgot his comment and used it for motivation throughout college.

What advice do you have for current or future LLCC students?

LLCC offers a great education that will prepare you for future careers or continued education. After LLCC, I transferred to a state university. I felt I had a better education and foundation than students who attended their first two years at the university.

What did you like about LLCC or what is your favorite LLCC memory?

LLCC provides a great transition from high school to college. I really liked the class sizes and the availability and approachability of the professors. As an 18 year old, I would have been distracted by all the activities at a university. LLCC allowed me to focus on the academics and learn how to study.