LLCC 1978 Cross Country Team

1978 LLCC Cross Country Team
L-r standing: Scott McDannald, Tom Spears, Kevin Smith, Kerry Smith, Dennis Allen (member of 1980 team), Paul Wernsing Jr. and Mark Heidbreder. David Greene, kneeling.

During the time period from 1959 through 1990, there was only one division that represented the NJCAA Cross Country Championships. In 1991, NJCAA Cross Country Championships were divided into three separate divisions: Division I, Division II and Division III.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Lincoln Land Community College fielded powerhouse teams in both cross country and track & field. Historically, the cross country teams were always very competitive winning regional championships and participating in many of the NJCAA Cross Country Championships. Of all these teams, only one team, the 1978 Cross Country team, finished in the top ten, finishing ninth at the national meet. This was an outstanding accomplishment when you take into consideration that during this time period, there was only one division of the very best qualifying teams in the nation.

During this time period, team members of the 1978 team became a very close family, each year since the national meet, 38 years ago, a majority of the team members continue to meet as a group, whether it be at a Cardinal baseball game, a Rams football game or just going out for dinner around the holidays, the team continues to meet and talk about the experience they had during “The Lincoln Land Community College Days.”

Team members are:
Coach: Dean Russell
Managers: Josef Bunch, Jett Wells
Team members: James Clifford, David Greene, Mark Heidbreder, Frank Lewis, Scott McDannald, Matthew Meyer, James Scruton, Kerry Smith, Kevin Smith, Tom Spears and Paul Wernsing Jr.