Mary Rechner

Mary Rechner

Employment and education:

Mary began her studies at LLCC in the mid-90s. After completing the classes that she needed, she continued on to University of Illinois-Springfield and obtained her degree in accounting. Mary is a former LLCC Foundation Board of Director member and has established a scholarship at LLCC in memory of her brother, Jody Rainey. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity, and take advantage of that opportunity, to attend LLCC.

How has Lincoln Land Community College impacted your life?

As a non-traditional student, one of many at the time, LLCC faculty recognized you are never too old to finish your degree.  I will forever be grateful for that.

What is your greatest accomplishment(s)?

Finishing my degree at 48 years old. I know I couldn’t have done it without LLCC.

Was there a professor, advisor, staff member or fellow student who made an impression on you or helped you when you were here at LLCC?

My transition to UIS was effortless and I realized I was ahead of the game within the accounting program at UIS because of the great accounting faculty at LLCC. They prepared us well. I came back to LLCC during my final two years to take courses that I couldn’t fit into my schedule at UIS. We were encouraged to do so by the UIS faculty … even they recognized the superior education we could count on at LLCC.