Dual Credit Program

Lincoln Land Community College partners with in-district high schools to provide dual credit opportunities for high school juniors and seniors.

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The goals of dual credit partnerships include the following:

  • To provide educational opportunities for high school students in the LLCC district.
  • To enhance the current high school curriculum.
  • To address students’ unique interests, abilities, and attitudes.
  • To prepare students for work and/or further educational endeavors.
  • To improve the transition of students from high school to college.


  • Courses are tuition-free for students taking a dual credit course taught during the high school day by a high school instructor as part of the regular teaching load.
  • Students get a head start on their college education.
  • Dual credit entices students not to choose early graduation.
  • Students who take college-level courses while in a high school adapt more easily to college curriculum.
  • Courses offered in district high schools make college more accessible to area high school students.
  • The Concurrent Enrollment Program provides an incentive for students to pursue a college degree when financial obstacles might otherwise prevent them from doing so.
  • Enrollment in the Concurrent Enrollment Program can reduce the students’ costs in tuition payment after they complete high school and enroll in a college or university.
  • Credit earned is posted as college credit on an official LLCC transcript.


  • Courses are college-level courses and are of the same high quality, cover the same content and have the same rigor as courses offered at the college’s main campus or regional locations.
  • Courses can be taken for college and high school credit.
  • Students must enroll as LLCC students.
  • Students will be subject to all LLCC placement, enrollment, grading and records policies and procedures. All instructors of dual credit courses must meet Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) and LLCC qualifications.
  • Dual credit courses use LLCC textbooks and outlines (unless otherwise approved by an LLCC dean).